How to Protect Yourself From Your Phones Harmful Rays

Emf protection

It is likely that you have some type of technological device in your hands at most hours of the day. You probably wake up and immediately check your cell phone, which is probably right by your head. You head into work to log onto your laptop to check for your days? work. You hold your cell phone while driving home, allowing it to navigate you through a different route to beat traffic. When you get home, you pull out your portable tablet to read and catch on up the news. You probably don?t even realize how often you use a technological device until you really think about it. You also probably don?t even consider the dangers of all of these harmful rays that these devices emit. An EMF protection shield is very important for someone who spends a lot of time using technological devices.

It was concluded even back in 2007 that existing public safety limits for EMF were inadequate to protect public health and agreed that new, biologically based public safety limits were needed 5 years ago. Yet, these new based safety limits have still not been modified or corrected. The popularity of technology is still somewhat new, so the full extent of the effects is not yet known. However, research is being released, showing how harmful it can be. However, there seems to be a lag in the updated safety limitations. An EMF protection shield can assist people, until these limits are updated.

EMF rays have already begun to show symptoms to many children and the elderly. A 2010 study of children and adolescents ages 8 to 17 years showed short term EMF exposure caused headache, irritation and concentration difficulties in school. These safety limits not only need to be raised for people in general, but they need to be quickly raised around schools and day care centers to prevent the harmful side effects to children. In the meantime, parents can equip their children with a bioelectric shield, or am EMF protection shield. This shield acts as an EMF blocker, blocking out the harmful rays of these technological devices. A cell phone radiation blocker is especially important for children and adults alike who are constantly using their phones or technological devices close to their heads.

If these limits are not raised quickly and people are not equipped with an EMF protection shield, it is likely that they will see many of the side effects, even from a short amount of usage over a short period of time. According to a 2012 study, chronic EMF exposure produced physiological stress in cells even after just 1.5 years. This short amount of time for the symptoms to appear is just another reason that EMF safety and an EMF shield is so important.

The harmful side effects of technology are still somewhat new. Technology at the rate it currently exists has not been around for very long. However, people are already experiencing these symptoms of headaches, restlessness and even concentration difficulties. Studies have shown that the safety limits needs to be raised, yet they have not been. In the meantime, parents and people who are concerned about their risks can utilize the benefits of an EMF protection shield. These shields are a great way to block the negative, harmful rays in technological devices.

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