3 Ways You Can Help Military Families

Military families

Although many of us may never know what it’s like to serve our country in the military, there are countless things we can do to help our nation’s veterans. Military support and military donations can make a huge difference in the life of those who have served, as well as their families. From making sure veterans are clothed and fed to helping them gain the skills they need to be successful after they return from deployment, here are three ways you can provide assistance to military families and veterans:

  • Sponsor a companion dog:
    Sadly, many of our veterans are left to deal with the after-effects of combat long after they return home — and these challenges can extend beyond the physical. Nearly one-third of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan experience PTSD. But there are many programs that allow you to act as sponsor for a dog who will be trained to work with those who served in the military who are now suffering from PTSD, which is not only debilitating for the veteran, but for family members, too. Mental health needs are often stigmatized or neglected, but by choosing to sponsor a companion dog for a veteran, you’re helping families in need.
  • Donate to military charities: Many military families are in need of everything from food and clothing donations to electronics like cell phones. You can donate money to organizations that help military families, or you can inquire about the specific items that veterans and their families need. It may be something as simple as school supplies or a birthday present for their child or a warm scarf. Ask your local veterans charities about helping families in need with your donations.
  • Volunteer: Did you know that the unemployment rate for veterans in the U.S. is two percent above the national average for regular citizens? Veterans often need help transitioning back to civilian life and gaining the skills they need for employment. Those who served in the military may need assistance with life skills, job training, and placement, or professional and legal counseling. If you are able to provide assistance for a veteran as a mentor, counselor, or legal aide, you’ll be helping families in need.

If you want to learn more about how you can help military families, be sure to browse our website or get in touch with us today.

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