Three Distinct Advantages to Using Flavored eLiquid

E liquid tank

The vaping industry started out small. Electronic cigarettes, or e cigs, were only available with tobacco flavoring, and the old disposable cigarettes didn’t tend to last very long. However, advances in this technology have not only created longer lasting and rechargeable e cig models, but they’ve also created more than 7,700 different flavored eLiquids available from 466 vaping brands and counting. This variety lets users take control of their nicotine and tobacco habits and

Are you considering switching to eLiquid refills in different flavors? Here are three reasons to try flavored eLiquid with your rechargeable electronic cigarette or vaporizer:

    1. Think beyond tobacco with different vaping flavors: While many people who are new to vaping may be used to the flavor of tobacco, there is more than tobacco and menthol out there. Today’s flavored eLiquids are made with sweet tooths in mind, as they offer anything from candy flavors like bubblegum, gummy bear, and Swedish Fish to fruit, like cherry, raspberry, or watermelon. There’s bound to be something for everyone with more than 7,000 flavors to choose from.

    2. Choose any nicotine level you prefer: One of the things that smokers can’t always control is the amount of nicotine in today’s cigarettes. Sure, they can buy light or extra light varieties, but there’s no way of knowing whether these labels are accurate. Vaping gives users the chance to choose eLiquid with any concentration of nicotine, however, from ultralight and light options to more concentrated nicotine for those who had multiple pack a day habits. Those who prefer the hand-to-mouth satisfaction of vaping can also enjoy electronic cigarettes without any nicotine in them whatsoever, as there are also eLiquids available with zero nicotine concentrations.

    3. Options don’t mean you have to stick with just one flavor: Part of the fun of using eLiquid is that the options you are given mean you can adjust your vaping any way you see fit. Need more or less nicotine? You can buy another bottle of eLiquid. Experimenting with flavor is easy, too, as more and more innovative flavors hit the market.

Have any questions about finding the right eLiquid to suit your vaping style? Leave comments and suggestions with us.

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