How to Put in Your Clip-In Extensions in Five Easy Steps

Weaves and natural hair

Clip-in hair extension services are by far the most convenient, affordable and versatile type of hair extensions — which is why they’re so popular. Over the last two years alone, there has been a 28.5% growth (literally!) in the number of salons across the country offering hair extensions.

But if you just got clip-in extensions from a salon, it won’t be long before you have to take them out and put them back in again. If the idea of clipping in your own extensions is intimidating, fear not — we’ve compiled this simple, five-step guide to applying your own clip-in extensions like a pro!

Find the right location

Choosing the right location to apply your clip-in extensions is highly important to making sure they look like part of your natural hair. For longer or larger wefts of weave or extensions, you’ll want to place the clip toward the back of your head. Additionally, you’ll want to apply your extensions from the bottom up; don’t start out by clipping in a weft of hair at the crown of your head.

Part and clip your hair in place

With a comb, horizontally measure out a portion of your hair that’s about the same width as the extension clip. Split this section of hair in half, clipping the top half out of the way.

Tease your hair

Before clipping in your extensions, it’s important to tease the roots of both the top and bottom portions of your hair that you’ve sectioned off. To tease your hair, simply comb backwards and downwards.

Spray your hair

Prepping your hair with hairspray helps keep your clip-in extensions in place and prevents them from slipping out during the day. With just a light spritz of hairspray to both the top and bottom of your hair, you can create a secure bond for your clips to hold onto.

Clip in your hair extensions

To clip in your clip-in hair extensions, you’ll want to place the teeth of the clip as close to your scalp as you can. Once you’ve secured the clip, release the hair you’d pinned back and smooth your hands over the clip to make sure it’s secure. Repeat these five steps as much as you need to apply the remaining wefts of extensions!

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