How Custom Designed T Shirts Can Help Up Your Advertising Game

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Now that Old Man Winter is finally loosening his grip and the weather is beginning to improve, t shirt season is just around the corner. Along with cherry-red Ford pick up trucks and apple pie, t shirts are iconic staples in American culture. For example, did you know that 95% of Americans wear t shirts?

Now, thanks to technology, t shirts have undergone a bit of a makeover.

While solid printed or single color t shirts will always be en vogue, custom print tees are the hottest thing sliced bread, or the latest iPhone. While custom designed tee shirts make a bold or dramatic fashion statement (thank you Kane West), custom printing on t shirts is also an excellent way to supplement your digital marketing efforts and get your brand noticed.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why promotional tshirts are so effective is that they play on the existing sentimental value and cultural popularity of t shirts. In addition, they help to break up the monotony of mobile, print, and television advertising. It’s common for consumers to grow desensitized to ads and even downright ignore them in some instances. Promo t shirts on the other hand are tangible, allowing consumers to physically interact with and wear them.

However, many t shirt printing services have a secret weapon up their sleeve: compressed t shirts.

While custom designed t shirts are masterpieces in their own right, compressed t shirts can be used to help enhance the unique characteristics of custom designed t shirts. Compressed t shirts are t shirts that have been shrink wrapped or compressed into a custom shape. From there, an insert, card, or company information can be added to the package and used as a promotional item.

For example, if your business is running a Valentine’s Day special, a heart shaped compressed t shirt would be an excellent choice.

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