Have You Started Using an Electronic Cigarette? Check Out These Vaping Tips to Make the Most of the Experience

Vaping batteries

Current research estimates state that there are between 2.5 and 4 million electronic cigarette users in the United States. Many of these adults have switched from smoking to vaping, or using an e cig, as a means to curb their tobacco and nicotine intake. Although many rechargeable and disposable e cigarettes are made with a nicotine-infused liquid known as e liquid, approximately two-thirds of users prefer a zero to low-nicotine concentration in that e liquid.

As users begin to grow comfortable using these battery-powered devices, they often seek out ways to make their vaping experience more profound, whether that’s adding more battery power to their vapor pens or simply trying a different e liquid flavor. If you’re in search of some vaping tips to enhance your vaping experience, try these three suggestions:

    1. Keep the device fully charged and clean. One of the advantages of using a rechargeable electronic cigarette or vapor pen is that it’s always ready to go as long as you charge it regularly — for instance, while you sleep or work. Keeping the device charged and using it frequently will ensure that the battery stays in working order. However, the device also needs to be maintained in other ways. If you have a cartridge or tank for your e liquid, for instance, then make sure to clean it out before you refill it. This helps prevent buildup as the liquid gets heated up through each use.

    2. Swap out the battery for more power. If you’ve grown tired of a cigalike e cig, you might try experimenting with a different design. Many more advanced vapor cigarettes and vaporizers are created with power in mind and often contain larger batteries. You can order one of the devices or even D.I.Y. your own if you’re looking for more vapor and a greater throat hit every time you use that device.

    3. Experiment with vaping flavors. One of the most popular vaping tips you’ll find is to try the different flavors of e liquid available. After all, if you’re no longer smoking, why only stick with tobacco? E liquid comes in every flavor from candy to coffee, and today there are an estimated 7,700 flavors on the market. If you go to a smoke or vape shop in your area to buy supplies, you may even be able to sample vaping flavors for sale before you buy them.

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