7 Compelling Reasons to Buy Heavy Duty Canvas Bags

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    Plastic has been banned in various parts of the world, and all indications are that, in the next twenty years, most of the countries will continue banning the use of plastic shopping bags. The old heavy duty canvas bags are slowly coming back better, bigger, and bolder. Although heavy duty canvas totes are not new, they are currently conveying an even more powerful statement than designer purses. So, what is making heavy duty tote bags so desirable these days?

    1. They are Versatile

    Heavy duty canvas bags are known to be versatile, which means that you can repurpose them to carry your items around. With a versatile canvas bag, you can easily carry your items to the office or have a walk with your friends without looking out of place. The beauty of printed canvas tote bags resides in their simplicity and versatility that can match your personality, occasion, an

    Five Ways Promotional Products Can Help Your Business

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    Picture yourself running errands on a busy Saturday. You get in the car, drive past LED message boards and billboards, you see A-frames outside stores promoting sales and once you get in the store you’re going to, you see thousands of signs and brands and products.

    Whether you know it or not, you’re exposed to about 3,000 ads and promotional messages a day. They’re all designed to do one thing: get your attention. Behind a lot of those ads and messages you see is the promotional products industry, which makes thousands of direct to garment printed shirts, hats, pens, stress balls and all manner of items to promote businesses, events and services.

    You may not think so, but everywhere you look there’s a promotional product. If your company has pens everyone writes with that have the company name on it, that’s a promotional product; when you get a bag full of swag from a trade show, all of the items are promotional products. Identity Works estimates that 92% of people keep a pr

    Why Is Sterling Silver Great for Jewelry

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    Sterling silver is one of the metals that is underrated considering its versatility, sophistication and durability especially in jewelry making. However, very few know what makes this metal so special despite having sterling silver jewelry. To fully understand what sterling silver is all about, the basic component of the metal is pure silver and some traces of other different metals. Since its discovery, sterling silver was and is still being used as a signifier for wealth and status. This is the reason why people value sterling silver antique jewelry and other items that the precious metal is used to make. Sterling silver is also used to make things such as sterling silver boxes, sterling silver picture frames, silver plated tea sets and silver overlay patterns. You hardly miss items such as sterling silver boxes from antique silver buyers. There is a reason why st