Should You Get Facebook Ray-Bans?

Recently, Meta (formally known as Facebook) has released their plans to launch the new “Ray-Ban Stories” smart glasses. These glasses are able to record where you are at all times, so others can see what you’re up to firsthand. While this seems cool upon first glance, it can host a plethora of privacy problems as well.

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This video gives insight into the glasses themselves, and there is so much more to think about regarding this new technology. Let’s get started.

The glasses are not only outfitted to take photos and videos, but they can also play music. You can utilize voice commands to take a photo or use the tiny button on the right side of the glasses. All videos and photos get sent directly to your phone, amd the cameras are virtually invisible to the hurried passerby. The privacy issues surrounding these glasses are not something we should handle lightly, as being able to record others without them knowing is a very real and uncomfortable reality. Since Meta is known for being sketchy when it comes to the handling of personal data, it can be a safe assumption that drastic measures need to be taken in order for these glasses to never be used for nefarious and underhanded purposes.


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