Taking Skin Care to the Next Level with Biopelle

This video highlights a revolutionary non-invasive skincare line of the Tensage products of the Biopelle range, especially for aging skin. The video is part of a lifestyle show where the interviewer has used the products with great success, and she would like to share them with her viewer. She is joined by an expert from this skincare line who provides more information about why their products are different and great for your skin.
These products promote the growth factor, a component in the body that helps tissue repair itself.

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The growth factor declines as humans age, and therefore needs help from products such as those of the Tensage line.
The technologies used to create the product line are the SCA Bio Repair Pro, derived from a specific type of Mediterranean snail whose ancestors date back 600 million years ago. If you think wearing a snail might not be appealing to you, the plastic surgeon endorsed benefits may change your mind, the expert assures you.
The product range consists of serums, moisturizers, and eye creams that one can use on a daily basis, as well as intensive care options for longer-term use. The products are found at physician’s offices.

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