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    How Designer Fashion Can Reinvent Your Style

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    If you want to make a statement, designer clothing and accessories are one way to stand out from the crowd. If you want a one of a kind way to give your wardrobe a fashionable boost, consider the perks listed below.

    Designer Earrings

    Our faces are one the first things people notice about us, and while in conversation it’s what they are focused on most. Having a pair of eye catching designer earrings can help bring an elegant framing to your face that can help give your whole overall aesthetic a stunning boost. If you have a shorter hair cut, larger style earrings can accentuate your features and really give your face a little extra pizazz. Longer hairstyles can also benefit from this, with an elegant updo, larger earrings can add an extra oomph to your image.

    Designer Shoes

    There is a reason so many women love shoes. The right pair can not only make you feel great, but it can completel

    How to Find the Best Engagement Ring

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    Looking through numerous wedding bands or engagement rings can leave you feeling overwhelmed easily. When you are so focused on finding the perfect ring, you can often overlook many things. Here are a few tips to help you not only find a great ring, but also a great deal.

    • The Cut. The first thing you should focus on is the cut of the diamond, as that is where the stone will get most of its shine from. Ask for a “very good” cut at your jewelry store, as opposed to an “ideal” cut. There isn’t enough difference to honestly warrant the extra cost, and your significant other will love it all the same.
    • Don’t Sweat the Microscopic. While commercial jewelers love to put diamonds under microscopes to show how many, or how few flaws the stone has, if you can’t see it with without a microscope, don’t sweat it. Don’t let yourself be dissuaded from buying a ring, just because it’s not as “flawless” than another when deeply examined. Trust m

    Love is in the air, but is the diamond the right on to be getting down on one knee with?

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    Wedding bells will be ringing in spring for many couples to find themselves connected by a single diamond ring. With the exchange of an engagement ring an entire world of wedding prep generally bring a horizon of questions along with it. Before you ever get to planning that walk down the isle however, the ring has to be picked and perfected to shine amongst her finger. Did you know that the tradition of exchanging wedding rings dates back to Egypt around 4,800 years ago? Lovers who wanted to stay committed to one another took papyrus and braided them into rings to exchange at an alter. With a tradition that dates back this far isn’t it important to get that diamond perfectly correct before you decide to slide down on one knee with a ring? We thought so too.

    The ring that you choose from your jewelry store has a diamond that has been graded using what is known as the “4