Your Fishing Trip Packing List

You are headed to the sunny beaches of Florida for a much anticipated fly fishing exhibition–but first, you have to stock up on things you need. There are several things you will not want to leave off of your packing list, from fly fishing gear to protective clothing such as a reflective windbreaker jacket. Here is a checklist to make sure you do not find out that you forgot to pack what is most important, such as your safety gear, after already heading out on open water.

Do not forget your waterproof clothes. Heading out onto the ocean for some fly fishing is much different than sunning on the shores. You will need waders, wading boots, and a waterproof raincoat to keep you from becoming soaked by rain or waves. Pack extra socks and other undergarments just in case. Visit a fly fishing shop or sports store to stock up on the best threads for your adventure.

Waterproof is not the only feature you want your clothing to have. It is important that your clothing is high visibility and reflective, such as a fluorescent vest, similar to a construction safety vest. Hi Vis rain gear and Hi Vis cargo pants will keep you visible to other fishers at dawn and dusk, while also keeping you dry and comfortable. Additionally, you never know what to expect from winds on the open water, so you are going to want to pack a reflective windbreaker jacket. A reflective windbreaker jacket will keep the wind chill out. Your reflective windbreaker jacket will also keep you visible to passing vessels.

Do not forget to accessorize. And by that, we mean a hat for sun protection, sunglasses, binoculars, and a small backpack, fanny pack, or other compact mobile carrying case. In your bag, it is important to have sunscreen, insect repellent, a camera, and a flashlight with extra batteries.

Gear and knowhow go hand in hand. Do not come to your fly fishing expedition with all the right fly fishing gear but no idea how the sport works. Do not come to your fly fishing expedition having read fly fishing books, watched classes, and even taken a class at a fly fishing shop but with a traditional fishing pole. Fly fishing tackle, poles, and reel in setups are different than traditional fishing because fly fishing imitates, well, flying things that fish like: insects, even birds.

Read plenty of literature beforehand, take the class, or do whatever you would like to prepare for your fly fishing trip, but if you do not bring the right equipment then you are likely to experience disappointing results.

Bring a pal. Did you know that seventy percent of all vacations are taken with friends? Fishing can be seen as a solitary, contemplative activity, but if you are headed down to the coast for a week’s worth of fly fishing, you might want to see if one of your buddies can come. It is nice to have someone to talk to in the off hours when you are not fishing, and it is smart to have someone who can help you or call for help if you are hurt or if an emergency has occurred. If you are set on embarking on your adventure alone, make sure you are fully equipped with flares, emergency medical supplies, a marine radio, and things to keep you occupied, like books and music. A local fly fishing shop likely has a selection of emergency preparedness kits for you to take with you.

Whether fly fishing is your greatest passion or simply an experience that was on your bucket list, it is important that you make sure you enter your vacation prepared, not only to be safe in the event of an emergency, but also to yield the best results and have the fly fishing trip of a lifetime.

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