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    The American Leather Industry is Worth Billions, Consumers Invest in High-Quality Pieces

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    Messenger bags for men

    Every year, consumers around the world spend more than $50 billion on leather products, but what they may not realize is that more than half of that figure represents purchases of leather shoes and boots. Americans love leather belts and wallets, and spend more than $100 million each year on belts alone. In general, households spend at least $1,000 on leather products each year, including gloves, briefcases, and wallets. Taking care of your leather goods is easier than you think, but be aware that not all leather is created equal.

    When you’re wearing a leather jacket, try to keep it away from grease and food debris: leather easily absorbs environmental dirt and oil. You will need to clean it about twice per year in order to ensure that the leather remains pliable and clean. If you have a whit

    Making a Unique Fashion Statement With Wooden Wrist Watches

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    Mens wooden watch

    Being fashionable has been often something that is considered a priority by those with discerning tastes. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends, knowing what to adopt and even sometimes breaking the norm with a bold move are all things that people conscious about their fashion do from time to time, and it can be an extremely rewarding occupation for many to make the right fashion statement which becomes an extension of their personalities. The problem with staying fashionable is that often a choice needs to be made between things are used purely for aesthetic reasons, and those that provide a more functional utility. There is an overlap, however, and there are a number of things that, while providing you with functionality, can also double up as fashion accessories. One of the most popular of these is wr

    The Modern Man’s Guide to Wearing Loafers at Work

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    Designer lace up shoes for men

    They say you can tell a lot about a man just from the shoes he wears. When those shoes are a good pair of loafers, you’ll convey a relaxed sense of style, sophistication, and timelessness.

    There’s a reason why loafers have been a staple of high end mens shoes for more than a century. Not only are they comfortable and classy, they’re extraordinarily versatile. Paired correctly, you can just as easily wear them to a spring wedding as you can to a casual Sunday brunch.

    But there’s no better place for these types of artisan shoes than the office. Here’s a complete guide to styling loafers for the workplace all year round.

    The two most common types of material for loafers are su