Three Reasons to Wear Steel Toed Boots for Protection and Practical Use

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Many jobs have strict requirements on footwear, especially those where the work day takes place inside a factory. Often these jobs require their workers to wear steel toe boots. This is done for the safety of workers, although these requirements are not always followed through with. Regardless of the type of job or the reasoning behind why the company wants their employees to wear composite toe boots, there are several benefits to doing so. Below are three reasons why wearing them is so helpful.

Steel Toe Boots Can Prevent Accidents and Save Both Workers and Companies Money in the Long Run

Reports have consistently shown that employees that choose not to wear foot protection in jobs that require them and end up hurting themselves will average seven lost days or work or more. This can lead to underproduction for the company, as well as unnecessary lost wages for the worker. Over 80% of workers who suffer from injury usually face it due to not having the correct footwear. By taking precautions, having proper fitting footwear can be a win for both the company as well as the worker. Accidents cost companies a lot of money when they fall behind, must pay worker?s comp, or other issues related to the accident. In addition, companies can face problems for not having their workers in compliance. This can result in fines and other consequences that would be avoided altogether if employees wore proper work boots.

These Boots Can Support Feet Since the Average Worker Steps and Walks More Often Than Others

Supportive steel toe boots can be helpful for workers who are on their feet for hours at a time. Individuals that are involved in busy jobs can develop sweaty feet, with up to 200 ml of sweat each day they are at work. Proper comfortable work boots can give them the space they need to support their feet while working. Since the average laborer can walk up to 30,000 steps a day, in comparison with the average person who does not have a labor-intensive job and does 10,000 steps per day, this is an important factor to consider. When wearing proper fitting boots, workers can rest assured they will feel comfortable and have the support needed to get through a long and busy work day.

Steel Toe Boots Should be Considered an Investment for Workers

Steel toe boots obviously benefit any employee who is required to wear them for work. But they can also be used outside of a work setting as well. Besides being worn outside of the company, employees can also use them for personal reasons. This could be as involved as helping a friend move, and not wanting to drop anything heavy on their feet, to needing protection while doing work outside. Since protecting an employee?s feet off the job is just as beneficial as making sure they are safe while at work, many employees can see this as an investment in themselves, rather than as another expensive item they are required to own before they can start work.

There are many beneficial factors in encouraging individuals to wear steel toe boots. They provide safety to workers who may be in construction or factory settings and need to prevent injuries. By doing this, workers can save money for their company, as well as themselves. These types of boots can also be more supportive than regular footwear, enabling employees to feel comfortable as they go about their day. In addition to this, workers who are not having extreme foot pain can work more quickly, and give a better output. These boots can also offer help for employees who are doing heavy lifting, moving, or other dangerous tasks outside of the workplace. By offering some form of protection now, this means the worker is not risking being injured off the job, and therefore won?t be calling in sick or otherwise being unable to contribute to the company. The best steel toe boots are those that hold up to a rigorous days work, either inside or outside of the company.

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