5 Out of the Box Ideas for Gift Giving This Year

Electromagnetic sensitivity

Giving a good gift can be difficult. After having so many birthday and Christmases and anniversaries come and go, it can be hard trying to think of what to get our loved ones.

EMF Protection Necklaces
An EMF protection necklace may seem like an odd gift so you might want to include a note explaining how EMF risks are very real. It’s especially important to protect children form EMF so if your recipient has kids, they’ll be particularly grateful for an EMF protection necklace. It might be a good idea to get one for each of the children if there are more than one. There are other ways to block EMF, but a necklace is the most attractive looking way of doing so. Shields and screens are useful but don’t exactly look nice with an outfit. You don’t have to give a necklace. There are even other types of accessories that also offer EMF protection such as bracelets, anklets, hair clips and earrings.

Drain Blaster Gun
This gift is great for anyone that lives in a home. So basically, everyone. Even if the recipient doesn’t own the house, sometimes you have to unclog your own drains. If you have one of these guns, then all you have to do is point the barrel of the gun down the drain and pull the trigger. A Forceful blast of air will be released into the drain which will push through and break up any blockages. It’s much safer and more environmentally friendly to use then all of those crazy, toxic chemicals that are on the market these days. The only downfall with these is that they are only good for a limited time before the compressed air will need to be replaced. However, that may be a good idea for future presents.

A Unique Experience
One of the best gifts that you can give, is the gift of an experience where you can make a memory. Memories are more valuable than any material gift could be. Maybe your recipient has always wanted to sky dive or drive a race care at 200 miles an hour. giving them that once in a life time opportunity will absolutely make their birthday or Christmas. Plus, as a bonus, no one will be able to top your gift, no matter how hard they try.

Bacon Gifts
Gifts centering around bacon are a huge hit. The idea is that everyone loves bacon, so how could someone be unhappy with a gift that was inspired by bacon. This might be real bacon like a bouquet of bacon twirled in to the shape of roses or it might be an air freshener that smells like bacon or mints or candy that taste like bacon. There are also things that are shaped like bacon like sleeping bags, ornaments and decorations. However if you are going to give one of these latter gifts, it’s recommended to include a package of bacon also. You can’t give bacon to someone without allowing them to taste it.

Antique Gifts
This could be anything from an antique rocking chair or an original sewing machine. Of course, you’ll want to find out what the recipient likes otherwise your antique gift will be taken to an antique store and left there. However, if your recipient has a leather making hobby, owning some of the original types of tools that were used might bring a sense of joy to their work. Or maybe they are into the Victorian age and have pendants and accessories that seem to be antique even if they are not will be exactly what they wanted. There are so many things that you can get that are antique or that have that antique feel to them; the options are limitless.

It doesn’t really matter whether you give your love ones EMF protection necklaces or an original record machine; what matters is that you are really thinking about them and trying to give them something from your heart. That’s what they will see and that is what they will appreciate the most, even if the present is not exactly perfect for them. They will love you for trying so hard.

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