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    3 Rules of Summer Hair Care

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    Hair styling for events

    With summer just around the corner, many are ditching our winter beauty skin care routines and swapping them out for beachy hair, sunscreen, and several pairs of flip flops. But when it comes to summer hair care, many don’t realize that there’s many a woe that comes with summer tresses. Heat from the sun actively works to degrade the protective protein coat on your hair. This ultimately oxidizes the color and leaves it looking dull and feeling brittle. To make matters worse, UV rays, humidity, chlorine, and saltwater can all have extremely negative effects on your h

    Looking To Boost Your Business Or Event’s Popularity? Look Into Customized American Apparel

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    Popular custom apparel

    Looking to get into customized American apparel? You’re far from alone. Custom apparel products are all the rage as of late, maintaining a happy balance between providing businesses with flexibility and customers with a wide range of fashion options. From screen printed t-shirts to custom athletic apparel, the fashion world is truly your oyster with recent advances in technology and can see your business sticking in the minds of your customer base long after they’ve gone home. Knowing how to cater to popular tastes and financially sound options, however, takes a little research and social know-how. Let’s take a look at the best materials for t-shirts, how they’re used for promotion and why they’re so popular with the populace.

    A Photo Editing Company Can Help you Quickly Print and Deliver Your Customer Prints

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    Photo correction services

    As a mom, you have proof that random moments can be just as wonderful as posed ones. Of the hundreds of thousands of photos you have, two in particular stand out in your mind. The girls are standing in front of the kitchen side of the fireplace.
    The girls are dressed in shades of pink and red and are modeling hand knitted scarves from their aunt. While the girls look adorable in the print, you remember the not so adorable moment. You were too anxious for a photo to send to your sister. A photo to document this Valentine?s Day. As a result, you forced them them into position. The girls knew you well enough even at this young age to force a smile onto their faces.
    A second picture stands out as well. It was Twin Day at school. You had the girls dressed in matching t-shirts from a cheerleading