Looking To Boost Your Business Or Event’s Popularity? Look Into Customized American Apparel

Popular custom apparel

Looking to get into customized American apparel? You’re far from alone. Custom apparel products are all the rage as of late, maintaining a happy balance between providing businesses with flexibility and customers with a wide range of fashion options. From screen printed t-shirts to custom athletic apparel, the fashion world is truly your oyster with recent advances in technology and can see your business sticking in the minds of your customer base long after they’ve gone home. Knowing how to cater to popular tastes and financially sound options, however, takes a little research and social know-how. Let’s take a look at the best materials for t-shirts, how they’re used for promotion and why they’re so popular with the populace.

How Popular Are T-Shirts?

Did you know the average person owns 27 t-shirts? They’re stylish, flexible and easy to store and wash. It’s small wonder why they’re so popular! Two billion t-shirts are sold around the world every year, with over 60% of Americans claiming to own more than ten t-shirts in their wardrobe on average. Similar fashion options include, but are not limited to, baseball caps, long-sleeved t-shirts, jackets and novelty items like scarves and socks.

What Separates A Good Shirt From A Bad One?

Quality customized American apparel should cover all the bases. The material should be flexible and long-lasting, the screen printing should be durable and, of course, the design should be striking and memorable. Surveys show half of all consumers own logoed shirts and nearly 45% of customers have at least one promotional t-shirt if not multiple. White, contrary to popular belief, is a popular neutral for many Americans and the vast majority at 91% claim to have a favorite t-shirt they’ve owned for a long time.

Which T-Shirt Materials Are More Preferable?

Although t-shirts can be created with a variety of different materials, some have proven to be more effective than others. T-shirts made from recycled cotton, for example, are the environmentally sound option many companies are turning to — they prevent over five billion tons of textile waste from entering landfills each year, which is to say nothing about their still soft texture and lightweight feel. Cotton can absorb over 20 times its own weight in water and is actually stronger when wet than when it’s dry. Although some t-shirts use spandex to fit a wide variety of sizes, its ability to shrink and plastic texture make it relatively uncommon.

How About T-Shirt Designs?

Graphic design, or communication design, is the art of using typography, color, placement, shape and text to communicate meaning to a diverse audience. Businesses small and large like to use customized American apparel, like logoed t-shirts and hats, to promote their brand and encourage repeat customers. A study saw half of all participants did business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional product, while a significant 70% of those who used the product did so at least once per week. The type of business doesn’t seem to matter overmuch, as a wide variety of industries dip their toes into this marketing technique on the regular.

How Should I Use Customized American Apparel?

There are plenty of benefits to using custom apparel products to further your business and bring eyes to your brand. People remember the brands who give them a custom t-shirt more often than not and it’s even been found to vary a little by region — the Midwest is thought to have the best memory for custom logos and printing at 95%, with the Southwest following behind at 81%. An American survey saw 57% of consumers feeling more favorable about an advertiser that gave them a t-shirt, to boot, cementing it as one of the best options for businesses. When marketing can feel stuffy and overly manipulative, a t-shirt is a wonderful way of communicating your intent with a casual and friendly approach.

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