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As a mom, you have proof that random moments can be just as wonderful as posed ones. Of the hundreds of thousands of photos you have, two in particular stand out in your mind. The girls are standing in front of the kitchen side of the fireplace.
The girls are dressed in shades of pink and red and are modeling hand knitted scarves from their aunt. While the girls look adorable in the print, you remember the not so adorable moment. You were too anxious for a photo to send to your sister. A photo to document this Valentine?s Day. As a result, you forced them them into position. The girls knew you well enough even at this young age to force a smile onto their faces.
A second picture stands out as well. It was Twin Day at school. You had the girls dressed in matching t-shirts from a cheerleading camp they had recently attended. With matching French braided pigtails, Your older daughter holds the younger daughter in her arms. Again, they are in front of the kitchen fireplace.
What Is Your Photographic Style?
These two pictures stand out from the albums and digital images yet to be printed. They are posed, planned, and, quite frankly, a little pathetic. As the photographer, you were not being yourself. You forced the girls into a fake moment so that you could show off their cuteness.
Not all posed pictures are bad. In fact, they are often necessary. Your real strength as a photographer, however, captures a different kind of images. They are the candid moments in life. Candid in that they are natural. They are truthful. So truthful that they cause the viewer to stop. A photo editing company with their packaged software may be able to explain the technical parts of the professional photo editing service, but you have to give them something to work with.
As you read through the professional photo books you are drawn to the chapters about displaying your own personality in the photos that you take. The pictures from these personal moments if printed and stacked, would probably fill an entire bedroom in your house.
Finding the Candid Shots That Communicate to an Audience
It is difficult to erase the photo of the young boy as he lays on his stomach and counts the Montessori math nine chain. For many, a better picture would show his eyes. some would think a better picture would have a planned smile. But you love this photo because his eyes are focused on the work, not on the camera. He is a Montessori student so intent on his work that he does not think about stopping and smiling at the camera. If you ask him to smile, you interrupt. If you have his eyes on you, his eyes will not draw the audience to the work.
So, enjoy your photos. You secretly hope that others don?t try to plan them for you and you will respectfully avoid planning them for the children. You will keep the photo editing company tips in mind as you slip into a scene unnoticed. Take deep breaths, calm yourself. Wait and watch. The candid beauty you find will always surpass that planned, poised shot.
What Photo Editing Company Tips Will Help You Improve as a Photographer?
No wonder the photo editing company highlights many pictures that make use of very shallow depth of field shots taken from a distance. The main image, sometimes a child, pops off the screen or the print from a completely blurred, background. Just like the young boy at his math work, nothing else matters. Only the focus of the photo.
By Spring 2015 America had 41.44 million photographers. As a profession that grows with the advancement of each new digital technology, that number was expected to expand as much as 3% between 2014 and 2024. As a result, salaried jobs may be more difficult to find as a growing number of companies contract with freelancers rather than hire their own photographers. If you want to make your mark as a professional photographer you will need to compete in this increasingly expanding market. Developing a style and using professional photo classes to enhance that style is the best option.

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