Best Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Beach Towel

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As unbelievable as it may seem now, beach weather is coming and you want to be prepared, whether you’re spending a week by the beach, a weekend, or even a day. Having the right gear (a beach towel, beach umbrella, toys, sunscreen, etc.,) can make all the difference in terms of your comfort level. We’re happy to provide you with some key tips for buying beach towels and what you should bring with you on your beach vacation. There are tons of options for beach towels — from custom beach towels to embroidered towels or even logo beach towels (if you want to work any promotions for your business in while relaxing!). By following our tips for buying beach towels, you’ll find that your lounge on the sand will be the most comfortable one yet!

Tips for Buying Beach Towels

Material definitely matters. You want to look for a towel that is 100% cotton, as it’s the most absorbent (perfect for when you’re in and out of the water!). Getting terrycloth with short loops means that your towel will dry quicker and won’t get as easily caught on any rough surfaces. The edges should be hemmed well to prevent it from unraveling after just a season and you want to look for yarn-dyed beach towels, which lock in color, keeping the sun from fading your towels out too quickly.

It’s also worth buying a couple different sizes of beach towels. A longer, heavier one might be perfect to throw in a beach tote if you’re taking a car and have plenty of room (or are just going a short walk from your accommodations to the beach),. If, on the other hand, you’re flying or taking public transportation and have limited space, a shorter beach towel will take up less room in your bag. And, if you’re hanging out at a pool or a lake, the shorter beach towel might be more convenient anyway!

What are Popular Activities for the Beach?

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority (60%) of Americans would rather do nothing and relax while they’re at the beach, versus exercise. It makes sense — you’re on vacation, after all! What better to do than just kick back and relax? Over half of beachgoers listed sunbathing and napping as their preferred activities and just under 50% preferred reading.

However, if one must get some activity done at the beach, a leisurely walk along the beach is the favorite, with 70% of respondents citing walking as the most popular beach activity. Swimming was also up there, with 65% saying that they enjoyed going for a swim at the beach. Generally speaking, swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the United States and burns a significant amount of calories, because you use so many different body parts to do so. Just an hour of swimming can burn 800 to 900 calories — perfect, if you’ve been indulging in all those pina coladas!

What Should I Bring With Me to the Beach?

Time to start packing! Throw in your bathing suit, a beach towel (or two), your beach umbrella, plenty of sunscreen, beach chairs, sunglasses, and flip flops. What else? It’s always a good idea to pack tons of water — it’s easy to get dehydrated without knowing it, just sitting out in the sun. Bring things to do too — a book, a crossword puzzle, toys for playing in the sand, headphones for your phone, etc. If you bring your phone, consider putting it in a waterproof (and sand-proof) case for extra protection.

A first-aid kit, a change of clothes, and a cooler bag to hold drinks and snacks are other practical items to include. Baby wipes or antibacterial gel can also come in handy. For the beauty maven, lip balm, lotion, and leave-in conditioners might also be worth toting along – all that sea salt can wreak havoc on skin and hair!

With these tips for buying beach towels and what to pack on your next beach vacation, you’re all set for the perfect trip this summer!

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