How to Find Vaping Flavors That Suit Your Personality

Vapor cigarette

One of the biggest advantages of using vapor cigarettes, besides the lowered risk of health problems and the enormous cost savings over time, is that e cigarettes come in all sorts of varieties and flavors. E liquid, which is used to produce vapor, can be made with anything from traditional tobacco flavors to tastes like waffles or cappuccino.

As weird as that might sound, these liquids, which are sold anywhere from online shops to mall kiosks, are made to provide a unique experience to everyone who uses them. But if you happen to be someone who recently switched to vaping from smoking, then you may feel overwhelmed with choices. Fortunately, you can use this handy guide to pinpoint just what types of vaping flavors you may need in order to suit your personality:

If you’re a traditionalist…
Then you might not want to experiment with vaping flavors. That’s okay! Many people who switch from smoking to vaping often find that they need a tobacco or menthol flavor in order to feel like they’re still smoking but without all the harmful effects.

If you have a sweet tooth…
Then you’re in luck! Today’s most popular vaping flavors often contain ingredients that make e liquid sweet as candy — literally! Candy and fruit flavors are especially popular among vapers, and you can get anything from chocolate mint to strawberry daiquiri, too.

If your e cig is your morning pick-me-up…
Then face it, many people take a little while to get going in the morning. If your vapor cigarette replaced your morning tobacco cigarette, then you might benefit from something that’s perfect for a morning routine. E liquid is made in coffee, espresso, and cappuccino flavors, all of which are popular for those who need their cuppa. Additionally, some companies sell flavors that taste just like waffles and pancakes.

If you prefer the D.I.Y. approach…
Then one vaping flavor alone may not satisfy you. The good thing about most brands of e liquid is that they can often be mixed together to create all new flavors. This approach is used by many, especially those who like creating big vapor clouds and enjoy going to vaping trade shows and events.

Want more advice on finding the right e liquid for your e cigs? Leave a comment below, and find a vaping flavor brand that makes the options you need.

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