Want to Try Vaping? Here’s What You May Need to Get Started

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Are you trying to quit smoking, or did you recently kick the habit? Or are you a casual smoker who wants an alternative to tobacco without the health hazards? Whether you’ve smoked for years or not, there are ways to receive the satisfaction of smoking without the tar, carcinogens, and chemicals that are found in cigarettes. One such way to achieve this is to use an electronic cigarette.

What are electronic cigarettes? Common called “e cigarettes” or “e cigs,” electronic cigarettes are devices that use a vapor (or mist) in place of cigarette smoke. There are disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarette varieties available on the market. Disposable e cigs often appear similar to tobacco cigarettes and can be recycled once they run out of e liquid (the mix of propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine). Rechargeable e cigs can be refilled with e liquid and used again and again, and they are sometimes considered a better investment for some users.

In order to get started “vaping,” or using an electronic cigarette, many who are new to using e cigs will order vaping kits to get started. Vaping kits will often contain either a set of disposable e cigs or a rechargeable e cig and some different e liquid flavors. Just as there are many choices with e cig models, there are even more with regard to the many vaping flavors for sale. Flavors for e cigs can include anything from fruit and candy flavors to dessert, coffee, and breakfast food varieties. In fact, these often rank higher than the standard tobacco and menthol flavors.

If you have questions about which vaping kits may be right for you, it’s best to research your options online. Find vaping forums and gather opinions from others in this growing community. Have more questions or comments? Leave them below.

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