Break Your Habits by Examining the Arguments for Vaping vs Smoking

Vapor cigarette

The beginning of 2015 has already been underway, and by now you may already be working toward the goals you’ve set for the year. However, if you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions or you’re already struggling to keep the ones you’ve made, there is still time get the hang of whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. Many people say that if you want to make a new habit, you should do it for 40 days. However, the same can be said if you’re looking to break a habit, as well — and nowhere is that more clear than in the debate for vaping vs smoking.

One area where many people are looking to break a habit is with smoking cigarettes. Smoking cessation programs often include patches and gum, but these typically don’t do much to reduce the craving for the physical act of smoking. As a result, many adults turn to vaping, or the use of an electronic cigarette, in order to end this dangerous habit.

Here are some of the most common arguments you’ll find in the debate for vaping vs smoking:


    Costs: Most people know how high the taxes are associated with tobacco cigarettes. Even in states with relatively low taxes, such as throughout the south, the cost per pack for cigarettes is still not cheap. Buying by the carton may offer some discount for smokers, but not by much. Depending upon how quickly one goes through a pack of cigarettes, this habit could cost hundreds of dollars each month.

    Options: Most cigarette smokers are limited in their options. There are plenty of different brands of cigarettes, and some places will sell flavors besides menthol, but the average convenience store or gas station will mostly have standard tobacco flavors only.

    Health Risks: Everyone these days likely knows about the numerous health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain substances such as tar, ammonia, and other carcinogens, and all cigarettes have nicotine in them, which is addictive. Cancer, emphysema, and other conditions related to the lungs can all result from smoking; heart disease, heart attack, and stroke are also major risks.


    Costs: Initial startup costs for vaping may seem a bit high. A proper vaping kit with either a disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarette, plus e liquid refills, may cost anywhere from $50 to $100, on average. Some vaping kits are more customized, and therefore more expensive, but these are generally chosen by more advanced users. However, the cost for refills and replacement parts after that should be few and far between for most users. On average, switching to vaping can save hundreds per month.

    Options: E cigarettes are catching on these days because they offer a myriad of vaping flavors to make for a one of a kind experience. These flavors range from coffee and chocolate to pina coladas and pancakes. Additionally, vaping devices also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

    Health Risks: While studies of e cigs often conflict regarding their health risks, it is known that they do not contain the harmful ingredients that are found in cigarettes. E liquid is made from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, along with flavors and nicotine, which is optional. Better yet, users can buy e liquid with no nicotine whatsoever or varying amounts of nicotine if they are trying to wean themselves off this substance.

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