Best Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Beach Towel

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    Wholesale beach towels

    As unbelievable as it may seem now, beach weather is coming and you want to be prepared, whether you’re spending a week by the beach, a weekend, or even a day. Having the right gear (a beach towel, beach umbrella, toys, sunscreen, etc.,) can make all the difference in terms of your comfort level. We’re happy to provide you with some key tips for buying beach towels and what you should bring with you on your beach vacation. There are tons of options for beach towels — from custom beach towels to embroidered towels or even logo beach towels (if you want to work any promotions for your business in while relaxing!). By following our tips for buying beach towels, you’ll find that your lounge on

    4 Ways to Make More of an Impact When You Give to Charity

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    Charity donations

    Many people in the United States want to find a way to give back to their community. While there are a number of things people can do to support groups active in helping families in need or helping military families, many people are not sure how to donate to charity in a way that will have an actual impact. Forbes published information about how people can do just that.andnbsp;

    According to their reporting, it can be challenging to donate in a way that does something real for people who are in need. That is one reason people may hesitate. Continue Reading No Comments

    Over 4,000 Construction Workers Died On The Job In 2015 Keeping Your Workers Safe Year-Round

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    Reflective button down work shirts

    How do you keep your employees safe every time they clock on?

    Their equipment should be the first thing that comes to mind, even before concerns about spreading the common cold. High-quality apparel that is carefully maintained day in and day out is often the one thing standing in-between a confident worker and a worker who leaves the job with an injury, illness or close shave. While equipment can’t be so easily boiled down into a short list, here are the basics no construction worker, laborer or part-time driver should be without.

    High Visibility Clothing

    Without high visibility clothing construction industries would be facing higher incidents of head-on collisions. When workers are tasked with working in the dark or in cloudy conditions often the only