Three Things to Do With Your Old Clothes

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    If you have extra clothing that you don’t need or that is no longer useful to you, you may be wondering about donating clothing to charity. There are plenty of organizations that accept clothing donations, and here are some things your clothing donations could be doing.

    • Organizations that help military families Our nation’s military families have chosen a life of difficulty and sacrifice, and it’s up to us to do what we can to make things better for them. One thing you can do to help military families is to make a charitable donation to military charities or other organizations that help military families. This doesn’t have to be a monetary donation. Donations of clothing are very useful, too.
      The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 207,000 of our most recent veterans weren’t able to find any work as of early 2013, and the ve

    Staying Cool This Summer with Supreme

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    By 1991, James Jebbia had launched both Union NYC and Stussy NYC. It was during this time that Jebbia wanted to create a new brand known as Supreme. In 1994, the first Supreme store cost Jebbia only $12,000 to launch. By 2017, Vogue had declared that the Supreme clothing brand had reached legendary global status. With that in mind, many men are finding that it’s time to update their wardrobe as the summer approaches. In this post, you’ll learn how authentic Supreme clothing can up your game for summer.

    Selecting the Perfect Summer Shirts

    It’s incredibly important to choose the right shirts for summer. This means ditching the long sleeves and sweaters. As the weather warms up, it also means you’re going to be sweating more than normal. Nothing can ruin a night with friends or a date faster than unsightly sweat stains

    Why You Should Convert to Polarized Sunglasses Today

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    Summertime brings along hot months and plenty of sunshine. Sometimes this seems difficult to cope with during the heat of the day. Imagine being outside and trying to drive or walk in bright direct sunlight. You know sunglasses are the answer, but you’re not sure which ones you should get. Are prescription sunglasses best, or would wraparound sunglasses be better? If you haven’t tried them already, polarized wrap around glasses are a go-to for many people. Here are a few reasons why you should consider trying them.

    All Around Protection for Your Eyes

    Polarized wrap around sunglasses can help your eyes by protecting every single inch of your eye area. People have worn sunglasses (or some form close to them) for centuries now, so making sure you’re taking good care of your eyes is nothing new. If you’re looking for ways to ensure your eyes have everything they need and you aren’t exposing yourself to harmful sunlight, consider getting wrap around sunglasses.