Style Tips for Ladies Western Wear

Watch this video to discover mind-blowing style tips for ladies western wear. Western wear is for everyone, but you need the right tricks to hack the perfect look that is not clownish but comfortable and statement-making. Some easy tweaks to your wardrobe will get you the perfectly dressed, head-turning lady look.

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These items will help you ace the look.

Cowboy boots combine comfort and confidence in one look to give a perfect western lady look with a touch of wild country. Simplicity is the golden rule. Therefore, pair black boots with black tights, black jeans or dark denim, and brown boots with blue jeans. Rock a western belt for a subtle laid back western lady fashion look. It turns simple dresses into masterpieces. Alternatively, spot a cowboy hat with simple outfits or pair it with vintage western wear for a more costumed look for a beach party.

Roll out like a fashion icon in a western embroidered shirt. The shirts are easy to find and unbelievably affordable. The trick is to pair the shirts with simple skirts or pants. Jackets and dresses with western embroidery designs are also available. A cowboy hat will complete the perfect picture though it is not a must, or go back to the 50s by pairing it with checkered pants or bell bottoms. Finally, if you want a comfortable western look with country flare, jodhpurs are what you need. You can wear them anywhere and do anything with them plus they are more comfortable than jeans and perfect for tall people. These tips will get you ahead of the ladies western wear pack.

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