Popular Items in a Professional Boudoir Photography Studio

Boudoir photography celebrates and praises the bodies of individuals, particularly women, dressed in lingerie or light apparel. A boudoir is a French term for a dressing room, and this kind of photography can be very exciting for the subject and those who view the work.

Because boudoir photography studios are meant to capture the substance of the mood, they will often include fancy furniture, decorations, and lighting. Beds and love seats are almost always guaranteed, but wall and carpet photography are also ways to increase variety and appeal.

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Pillows, ruffled sheets, and plenty of lingerie and costume options are typically present to maximize the possibilities of the photo shoot.

While physical attributes are important, so too are the lighting and music (for video shoots). Both natural and artificial lighting can not only accentuate the body of the subject but also create a mood for the photo or collection. Moods translate well as selling details.

If you’re interested in booking a shoot at a boudoir photography studio, contact us today. We have limitless options for the ways we can celebrate you being you. Call or visit our website to learn more. In the meantime, start thinking about your favorite pieces you’d like to be photographed in!

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