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    The Best Beaches to Find Sea Glass

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    Sea glass is beautiful and can be used for all kinds of projects including making picture frames, home decor, and handmade jewelry. Sea glass is actually old bottles, jars and glass that find their way into the ocean. After continued tumbling from the waves and currents, these sharp pieces of glass tumble to make rounded, smoother pieces that we can pick up on the shore. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, some much more rare than the others. In fact, the rarest colors of sea glass are orange, turquoise, red, yellow, black, teal, and gray. The most common are white and brown.

    If you’re wondering where to find sea glass, it can be a really fun and enjoyable experience! Sea glass is beautiful and collecting it can be exciting. Here are some of the best beaches to find your own sea glass.

    Fort Bragg Sea Glass Beach, CA

    This beach is FULL of sea glass, and though it might not be the best for swimming, it is definitely on the top of every sea glass collector’s buck

    Looking Your Best for Your Senior Prom Is an Important Priority

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    This is it.
    The senior year of your youngest son.
    Although it is still summer, all of the trappings of being in the last year of high school are starting. You have scheduled senior pictures. You have visited college campuses. You have watched him work diligently to complete his online college applications. And while he seems to be intend on getting this year over as fast as possible so that he can move on the next stage of his life, you just want
    You have promised hime that you will help him plan for a great homecoming dance. You have promised him that you will not bat an eye no matter the cost to rent prom tuxedo, shoes, limos. You are encouraging him to enjoy the moments and treasure the time that he has left. Even tho

    Three Things to Do With Your Old Clothes

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    If you have extra clothing that you don’t need or that is no longer useful to you, you may be wondering about donating clothing to charity. There are plenty of organizations that accept clothing donations, and here are some things your clothing donations could be doing.

    • Organizations that help military families Our nation’s military families have chosen a life of difficulty and sacrifice, and it’s up to us to do what we can to make things better for them. One thing you can do to help military families is to make a charitable donation to military charities or other organizations that help military families. This doesn’t have to be a monetary donation. Donations of clothing are very useful, too.
      The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 207,000 of our most recent veterans weren’t able to find any work as of early 2013, and the ve