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    Pink Camo Fleece Jackets and Vests The Perfect Fashionable and Practical Holiday Gift

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    Camo clothing for men

    Listen up gentlemen (and ladies), it’s crunch time. With Christmas less than a week away, it’s time to find the right gift for your significant other, whether they’ve been naughty or nice. But, you probably wouldn’t admit that they’ve been naughty, now would you (unless you’re into that)?

    However, there is no need to stress. Why not get a gift that is both fashionable and practical? While that may seem nearly impossible, it’s easier than you think. Camouflage clothes, specifically camouflage clothing for women, is one of the hottest trends to hit the fashion industry since skinny jeans, and that’s saying a lot. It seems that everyone is going camo clad, especially the ladies.

    Winter is prime time to experience with bold, fun pink camo clothing, especially pink camo fleece jackets and vests. Wha

    Man Spends More Than $150,000 on Cosmetic Surgery to Become Kim Kardashian Look-Alike

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    Thermage treatments

    Jordan Parke, a 23-year-old man recently took keeping up with Kardashian to whole new and extreme level, spending more than $150,000 to achieve the reality TV star — who is said to be famous for being famous — perfect pout.

    “I love everything about Kim,” the makeup artist and Kim Kardashian admirer tells British newspaper ‘The Sun.’ “She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her.”

    Just few of the excessive (50 in total) amount of procedures Parke had done include Juvederm fillers, botox treatments, laser hair removal and eyebrow tattoos. He proudly admitted to receiving a discount at the clinic where his cosmetic procedures and operations are pe

    Finding the Right Sports Bra for Your Body

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    Moisture wicking clothes

    With so many options on the womens sport clothing market, choosing the right sports bra can be a tricky and complicated endeavor.

    The biggest source of confusion when it comes to buying sports bras is finding the proper fit. Many women make the mistake of purchasing a larger band and a smaller cup size than they actually need, regardless of what size they start out with.

    Adjustable sports bras and multi strap sports bras can make up for some sizing mistakes, but the best way to avoid discomfort is to make sure you choose the right fit in the first place. You can find bra sizing how-to guides online or you can go to a local department store that has a