Finding the Right Sports Bra for Your Body

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With so many options on the womens sport clothing market, choosing the right sports bra can be a tricky and complicated endeavor.

The biggest source of confusion when it comes to buying sports bras is finding the proper fit. Many women make the mistake of purchasing a larger band and a smaller cup size than they actually need, regardless of what size they start out with.

Adjustable sports bras and multi strap sports bras can make up for some sizing mistakes, but the best way to avoid discomfort is to make sure you choose the right fit in the first place. You can find bra sizing how-to guides online or you can go to a local department store that has a bra fitter.

After fit, distinctions between sports bras get even more technical. You may have seen the words compression and encapsulation thrown around, but what do they actually mean?

Compression bras, or shelf bras, are usually more suited to smaller cup sizes in the A to B range, and are better for workouts of low to moderate impact. Encapsulation bras have individual cups and are more comfortable and more effective for women sizes C and up.

Strap sizes and styles don’t have a similar hard and fast rule; it often comes down to preference. Racerbacks cinch in back, which presses the bra closer to the body and provides more support, but wide straps tend to distribute weight better. Adjustable sports bras are more likely to have wide, padded straps that can work well for women with larger cup sizes, but often it comes down to individual comfort.

Adjustable sports bras are also more likely to feature clasps in the back, which allow wearers to tighten the band and increase bra support for women with larger cup sizes. Pullover sports bras are often fine for women with smaller cup sizes who need less support from the band.

Remember, shopping athletic apparel for women doesn’t have to be a chore. Finding the right athletic clothing for your body may take some trial and error, but you’ll know when you find the right fit.

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