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“Purses are like friends, you can never have too many.” Indeed, for many women across the United States, fashion handbags are a wonderful asset to have. Research shows that the average number of handbags that a woman is the United States owns is six, with three out of four women reporting that they have a “favorite” purse.

A Brief History of Purses:

  • Purses have come a long way since they originated way back in the 1400s. During this time, purses were used to carry mostly medicines, seeds and religious items. They were frequently used by both men and women. Interestingly enough, brides would often give the grooms a purse as a wedding present. Can you imagine in today’s society if a woman gave her husband a purse as a wedding present?
  • The right kind of handbag could be a symbol of luxury even back in the 1800s. In fact, the iconic designer Louis Vuitton was well known for being the person “bag man” to Napolean III of France!
  • By the 19th century, purses carried by women were no longer used to hold seeds and religious items, but rather to to hold beauty accessories like a small compact or comb, smelling salts, writing utensils and a handkerchief.

Research shows that roughly 22% of women admitted that out of any designer accessory, they would choose to splurge on a designer handbag if they could afford it. So, just what is the obsession with purses?

Well, to start, their is the practical aspect of carrying a purse. You can carry just as much — or as little — as you want with them. For a night on the town, you can carry a cute clutch. For a day at the office or running errands, however, you might want a bag that has a little more room to work with.

There are tons and tons of handbag designs and handbag styles out there, making the experience of choosing one very fun. You can pick a more classic black bag or go with a quirky patterned print. The choices are endless.

Finding Cheap Wholesale Fashion Handbags:

  • Contrary to popular belief, finding a luxurious-looking bag doesn’t have to empty your wallet. There are plenty of great places to find cheap wholesale fashion handbags.
  • Department stores are often great places to look for a luxe bag. While a little pricier, many of these national chains offer great deals and coupons on a regular basis that can help you to save money.
  • Another great place to look for cheap wholesale fashion handbags is the Internet. There are so many purse vendors online that carry designer brands, and some have special deals that you can get buy purchasing a product online.
  • Don’t be afraid to scour local vendors in your area! You never know what gem you may find at that little boutique down the street.

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