On Fashion Handbags and Finding Your Match

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Out of all fashion accessories, handbags tend to be the most cared for and sought after by the average person in the United States. There are many different handbag styles to choose from in a variety of department stores and designer boutiques, giving everyone a chance to choose handbags that fit their styles and lives perfectly.
Designer and fashion handbags are a must-have for a number of women in the United States, and they often act as important pieces of any outfit. In fact, almost 25% of women have admitted that they would splurge on a designer handbag if any accessory. With designer handbags reaching up to $3000 in many cases, it definitely is a splurge for a great number of people. In addition to a few of these stats, here are a few facts about the history of handbags, and what they have meant to us throughout the ages:
1. Purses were often wedding presents from bride to groom in the 1400s.
The tables have indeed seemed to have turned since that point. Grooms must have had more baggage back then.
2. In the nineteenth century, the standard items in a woman’s handbag were a compact, a comb, smelling salts, pencils and a handkerchief.
This list is still pretty accurate. Ladies still tend to carry around the same items.
3. In the United States, the average handbag weight is three pounds.
4. In the mid-2000s, a majority of the handbags shipped to the United States were made of leather.
And counting, it seems. Leather seems to be a timeless material, especially for fashionable handbags.
5. The highest price of a handbag sold on Ebay reached just about $25,000.
These really are an important commodity for a number of people.
Handbags are often a necessity for many women, allowing them to have everything they need on them. In these cases, it helps to also think about bags that are functional as well as trendy and fashionable. With thousands of handbag and luggage companies and employees in the United States, many trendy individuals on a budget, it is easy to find wholesale designer handbags that stay true to any specific income or style.
Many stores and businesses offer a variety of wholesale bags New York and a variety of other fashionable cities have to offer. The best wholesale handbags can be found in many places, and wholesale handbags and purses are often just as effective, beautiful and useful as their expensive counterparts, although often there are designer wholesale bags sold at a variety of stores that offer many handbag styles. Whichever handbag styles are preferred, they can always be found at affordable prices, and can help everybody accessorize to their hearts’ content. Read this for more: www.savvyhandbag.com

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