Corset 101 for Wedding Day

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You want to be comfortable on your wedding day, but you also want to look great in your dress. Things like wedding corsets and bustiers help you develop a shape that will keep you looking fine, sexy and stylish with lots of support as well. Wedding corsets and bustiers can be had in a number of styles, which we’ve outlined for you.
The Underbust
This Victorian style of corset is known for providing uncanny control on lower tummy bulging, but because it tops out just below the bust, it isn’t as restrictive of movement.
The Double Bone
Double boned corsets and bustiers are some of the stiffest available, and mainly get used for only the most special of occasions or for “waist training.” They are tightest just below the ribs.
The Half Cup
Very similar to the underbust model, the half cup corset comes up just a little further with a half cup design for the breasts. The additional support means there’s no need for a bra, leaving more room (less bulk, more comfort). The half cup also accentuates cleavage.
The Short Cincher
Often thought of as a “less strict” alternative to the double-boned corset, this cut offers a better fit for short-waisted women while still pulling in the waistline significantly and projecting the desired hourglass shape.
The Full Cup
Full cup corsets can be had boned and non-boned, depending on the degree of control desired. The full cup design reaches all the way to the top of the breast-line, making for an attractive option for after wedding fun with matching panties or a garter/hose combination.
Different corsets come with various fastening devices, but are almost always one of the following:

  • Hook and Eye
  • Lace Up
  • Partial Zipper
  • Full Zipper
    It’s one thing if you’re just looking for sexy fairytale costumes or burlesque inspired clothing for a party. But when you’re shopping for lace corsets and bustiers for your wedding, you want to be sure you pick something that brings out your best shape while also being manageable. Despite the drive to look as slim as possible in your wedding dress, you’re going to be in the outfit for a number of hours. You’ll be dancing, repeatedly sitting and standing, and you want to feel the freedom to move naturally.
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