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    The Top Six Pandora Charms for Christmas 2014

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    Silver jewelry

    Pandora charm jewelry has an enduring appeal because it expresses the wearer’s personality, style, and individuality. They make great Christmas gifts because they are unique and personal — you wouldn’t give the same charm to two people. You choose a charm because it can mark a milestone in someone’s life and will also remind them of you. If you want to purchase Pandora charm jewelry for a loved one in your life, but you don’t know what to choose or how to decide, keep reading for some tips about new Pandora charms. After reading this, you’ll know what to look for to find the perfect Pandora jewelry for someone special.

    The Top Pandora Charms for Christmas 2014

    Think Pink! How to Don Pink Camouflage Accessories This Holiday Season

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    Camouflage truck accessories

    The holidays are here, and with that comes dropping prices for holiday shopping specials as well as dropping temperatures (at least for most of the country). So it’s time to bundle up and stay warm.

    Who said that winter fashion has to be drab, bulky, and just plain unsightly? Camouflage clothing has never made winter look so good! Though many people associate camo clothing with the camo hunting clothes hunters and outdoors aficionados wear, camo has made and its way — and conquered — mainstream fashion. From camouflage jackets, to accessories, to cake mix (yes there is such thing as camouflage cake mix), there’s a look for every fashion sense.


    Want to Try Vaping? Here’s What You May Need to Get Started

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    E liquid

    Are you trying to quit smoking, or did you recently kick the habit? Or are you a casual smoker who wants an alternative to tobacco without the health hazards? Whether you’ve smoked for years or not, there are ways to receive the satisfaction of smoking without the tar, carcinogens, and chemicals that are found in cigarettes. One such way to achieve this is to use an electronic cigarette.

    What are electronic cigarettes? Common called “e cigarettes” or “e cigs,” electronic cigarettes are devices that use a vapor (or mist) in place of cigarette smoke. There are disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarette varieties available on the market. Disposable e cigs often appear similar to tobacco cigarettes and can be recycled once they run out of Continue Reading No Comments