The Top Six Pandora Charms for Christmas 2014

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Pandora charm jewelry has an enduring appeal because it expresses the wearer’s personality, style, and individuality. They make great Christmas gifts because they are unique and personal — you wouldn’t give the same charm to two people. You choose a charm because it can mark a milestone in someone’s life and will also remind them of you. If you want to purchase Pandora charm jewelry for a loved one in your life, but you don’t know what to choose or how to decide, keep reading for some tips about new Pandora charms. After reading this, you’ll know what to look for to find the perfect Pandora jewelry for someone special.

The Top Pandora Charms for Christmas 2014

    1. The Christmas Tree
    This is a classic charm that is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. It shows that Christmas is a time to bond with family and friends, and it’s a simple charm that will go with any charm bracelet. If you’re looking for charms for mom, your grandmother, or any family member, this will definitely be a hit.

    2. The Pink Ribbon
    If you’ve known someone who’s conquered breast cancer, or you want to honor the memory of someone who didn’t make it, this is a great charm to honor their name. If you have a Pandora bracelet, you might want to get charms for both of you to show your support for them.

    3. King of the Jungle
    This charm features a powerful lion with a beautiful mane, and it’s perfect for a child or someone who loves fairy tales. The holidays are a time for fantasies and exercising your imagination, and this simple silver charm reinforces that idea by incorporating a classic character in fairy tales — the unbeatable lion — into jewelry.

    4. Pandora Bag
    Do you know someone who loves to shop? If you do, this adorable shopping bag charm is the ideal gift. It represents a much loved hobby and perhaps an activity you even like to do together.

    5. Family Bonds
    This is a great charm for mom or grandma because it has a doodle of adults holding hands with kids as well as a cartoon of children embracing arms. With an elegant pink background and the doodles featured in silver, you can’t go wrong with this classic Pandora charm.

    6. Abundance of Love
    This spherical pink charm has a silver base and pale pink hearts cover the surface. It’s the best way to express romantic feelings for that special someone in your life.

Have you recently purchased Pandora charm jewelry and have any ideas on how to choose the best gift for someone you love? What types of charms should a person choose to convey how much they care? If you have any tips or advice on choosing Pandora bracelets or charms, please leave a comment below and share your story with people who may be overwhelmed with the endless choices.

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