Think Pink! How to Don Pink Camouflage Accessories This Holiday Season

Camouflage truck accessories

The holidays are here, and with that comes dropping prices for holiday shopping specials as well as dropping temperatures (at least for most of the country). So it’s time to bundle up and stay warm.

Who said that winter fashion has to be drab, bulky, and just plain unsightly? Camouflage clothing has never made winter look so good! Though many people associate camo clothing with the camo hunting clothes hunters and outdoors aficionados wear, camo has made and its way — and conquered — mainstream fashion. From camouflage jackets, to accessories, to cake mix (yes there is such thing as camouflage cake mix), there’s a look for every fashion sense.

For those who are hesitant to jump on the crowded camo band wagon, why not start off small and wear an accessory or two, such as a pink camo hat? Pink camo hats are versatile, can be dressed down for a sporty, active look, or dressed up with dark denim, knee-high black boots, and a dark military-inspired pea coat. The possibilities are endless!

While men may be hesitant to wear pink camo hats, blue camouflage is an excellent alternative to the traditional olive, brown, and black hues of traditional camouflage. Men can wear a blue camouflage hat in the same way women can wear pink camouflage. The key is to pull hues from the camouflage pattern, and incorporate them into your look. For example, dark, navy blue boot cut jeans paired with a black jacket is the perfect compliment to a blue camouflage hat.

It’s interesting to think that camouflage was initially designed to conceal military personnel and gear, allowing them to blend into their surroundings. Now, it is used to stand out and make a bold fashion statement.

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