The Versatility of Women’s Camouflage Fashions

Camo board shorts

It’s no secret that camouflage clothing for men and women has both infiltrated and dominated the fashion industry. However, camo clothes for women has found an especially versatile, fun, and unique niche within the fashion world.

Although camo clothes has its roots steeped in the military, it has taken on a completely different identity in terms of fashion. While the military has long served as and endless source for fashion inspiration and ideas, today’s camo clothes have taken on a completely different identity.

This newfound identity is perhaps most evident in camo clothing for women, which boasts a wide variety of styling options and choices. Here’s how.


It’s long been said that accessories can make a break an outfit. Luckily, camouflage accessories such as camouflage purses and wallets, jewelery, and more only serve to make the outfit. These items have become increasingly popular, especially among those who may be hesitant in regards to going fully camo clad. Also, they serve as a great compliment or accent to almost any outfit.


Similar to military styles, lingerie has inspired fashion trends of its own. This is can be seen in mainstream clothing options such as lacey tops, built in waist-cinchers and corsets, and the use of delicate, sheer material. What better way to create a make a truly iconic fashion statement than to combine the popularity of lingerie with the staying power of camo clothing? Camo lingerie comes in a variety of colors, ranging from traditional woodland patterns to pink camo.


Winter’s cold weather provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with camo outerwear. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t look hot in camouflage clothing! Camo winter jackets are extremely popular, and can also be paired with other camo accessories such as gloves and hats for a cohesive look. Winter is also the perfect time to experiment with fresh, bold, and colorful camo patterns.
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