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    How to Replace Sunglass Lenses

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    How to measure ray ban lens size

    There will come a point in any sunglass owners life when they’ll need to replace their lenses. Whether they’re scratched and worn after years of usage, or a sudden, dramatic accident cracks them, the need for a sunglass lenses replacement is inevitable.

    The problem many people have with sunglass lenses replacements is that they don’t know how to take their old ones out and put the new ones in. Here’s a little help to keep you from getting too frustrated with your sunglass lenses replacements.

    1. Soak Them.

    Yep. You read that correctly. The first thing you need to do is to soak your old pair of sunglasses in lukewarm water for about two minutes, give or take. This is to make the plastic frames expand, which will make it easier to pop out those old scratched frames.

    Why Polarized Lenses Can Help Protect Against Vision Problems

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    How do polarized sunglass lenses work

    Humans wouldn’t be able to survive without the sun. It gives us energy and warmth and life in general. But too much sun can bring about damage to the skin and eyes and, in the worst cases, even life-threatening diseases.

    Luckily, that’s all preventable, and the solution is simple: Don’t ever leave home without a pair of sunglasses. Forgetting them (or your sunscreen) can be a recipe for irritation and damage, one that might have disastrous consequences. Your exposed skin could endure a sunburn for week or so, and while it’ll be uncomfortable, it’s not quite as serious as what could happen to your eyes.

    In the immediate aftermath of prolonged sun exposure, your eyes might develop what’s called “photokeratitis,” which causes your eyes to turn red and feel gritty as well as tear up excess

    Three Ways to Sleep Better at 70 Than You Did at 30

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    Adjustable beds for seniors

    Scores of studies show that getting between seven and eight hours of sleep each night is essential for optimal performance and energy levels. But as our bodies get older, our sleep cycles change. In fact, it’s not unnatural for older folks to wake up two or three times during the night and have general trouble sleeping soundly.

    What’s to blame for this? Research has shown that simple changes take place inside our bodies the older we get. For example:

    • Sleep becomes lighter with less time spent in “deep sleep”
    • Hormones like melotonin aren’t produced as frequently
    • Less sleep is needed altogether for the body to recharge

    However, decreased levels of sleep don’t mean symptoms of insomnia shouldn’t be ignored. Getting better sleep is still just as important to som