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    Repairing Your Designer Shades

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    Where can i fix my sunglasses

    I love sunglasses. Not love like “I have 50 pairs of cheap, plastic pairs from the dollar rack.” I love sunglasses like Elton John, who has more than 1000 pairs, loves sunglasses. Love like “I closely follow new developments in sunglass style and don’t own a single pair under $200.” I don’t say that to sound snobby. I say that to give a little weight to what I’m going to recommend here.

    First things first. Sunglasses are really important. I don’t just love them because they look amazing. I love them because the look amazing and they’re functional. The skin around your eye is very thin, and UV rays make it very susceptible to cancer. Most sunglasses block 99% of both UVA and UVB rays, so they’re definitely worth investing in. I get that sunglasses are important, and I’m not trying to take away f