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    Beads As Protection and Expression

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    Beaded night light shade

    Do you think the beaded night light shade is a new invention? Well, it is not.

    Beads are as old as the ages and they have been used on everything from beaded night light shades to the protection of warriors. Warriors would adorn their armor, shields and weaponry with beads and use them as protection from natural and supernatural enemies. In some traditions, heroes were given beads that offered special magical protection during long journeys.

    Beads were common currency among various ethnic groups. From the islands, to the orient to the early peoples of the Americas, beads were traded. Ivory, beaver pelts, spices and even slaves were traded for beads of various colors and shapes from various regions.

    When gas lighting caught on, beads were put to yet another use. Gasoliers, think gas and chandelier, were produced by the middle 19th century and they too needed adornment. They were the first ceiling fixtures and they replaced the candle chandeliers that had been around since the middle ages. Originally, they were used only by the wealthy.

    Beaded night light shades and decorative chandelier shades are now an art form. Decorating bead shade night lights is a unique expression of your personalty. No two beaded night light shades by two different people could be the same. Decorating the light shades with beads affords one the opportunity to express who you are, what you believe and what you want the world to know about you.

    Shapes, sizes and finishes of chandeliers today are as varied there are types of people. On some of the most unique however, you will find a beaded night light shade. You might not have a gasolier, but chances are you have a lamp next to your bed or on a table that needs adornment. The only question is, are you willing to express your personality by decorating it?

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    Four Recommend Options for New Furniture

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    Designer chairs

    Are you interested in updating your home with new and interesting furniture? While it is easy and good to start off any home with the hand me downs and fix it up discards you gather from various corners of your childhood home and local secondhand shelter, once you become more established it is a great idea to get quality, conversation starting pieces for your rooms. Good furniture can be the difference between your home just being a place you live, to being a place you love to be in. What are several choices available to you for refurnishing purposes?

    First, the Noguchi coffee table. The Noguchi coffee table is a well known type of design. It features a glass table top that rests on two dark colored boomerang shaped balances. It is a popular accent space for living and family rooms. In addition to being modern and sleek, the Noguchi coffee table can easily be outfitted so as to be safe around young children.

    Second, ghost chairs. Ghost chairs, invented by Philippe Stark, are basically varying levels of transparent, some being a clear glass while others are blue, gray, or beige in hue. They also feature round cornered backs. I really like the idea of ghost chairs because they remind me of Cinderellas glass slipper. Rather than being overly fussy or ornamental, they are a simple, clean, and elegant design. Though they would be good for seating at a royal ball, they are equally functional outdoors as well as indoors, which many people who entertain guests on the patio will appreciate.

    Third, designer chairs like the Noguchi coffee table or the Eames lounge chair can serve as both a mark of stature as well as a good conversation piece. The Eames is a distinctive blend of molded plywood and leather and usually comes with a matching Ottoman. The Eames would be a good fit for a more business oriented room. The chair typically sells for over four thousand dollars so it is definitely an investment piece of furniture.

    Fourth, replica furniture is always a popular and attractive choice. Replica refers to era, or historical pieces, being replicated for modern usage. One example of this would be the Tolix stool, which was invented in 1880 by Xavier Pounchard. They would certainly make a great patio addition, and I could also envision a colorful set in the bedroom of a child. More info like this:

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    Find The Redhead Makeup That Can Make Your Unique Features Pop

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    Makeup for redheads

    Red hair has been traditionally linked to hot tempers, peculiarity, lying, and above average sexuality. Whether or not these statements are actually true, one thing remains the same: Redheads are often striking, and can possess multiple features that draw the eye. Because of an unusual combination of features, some naturally redheaded women may have trouble finding fashion implements that help them to bring out their best features while not clashing with their eye catching hair and eyebrow color. One of the biggest concerns is finding redhead makeup, or makeup that will complement the features of natural redheads. However, there are multiple resources you can use to find complementary redhead makeup, including lipstick for redheads and mascara for redheads. Some of the biggest beauty related resources are available online for your reference.

    The gene that is responsible for red hair is recessive. As such, it requires both the mother and the father of a natural redhead to carry a copy of this gene. However, it has been reported that forty percent of the population within Scotland carry the redhead gene. This makes it the country with the highest amount of natural redheads in the world. As such, if you are checking out options for redhead makeup, you may be of Scottish or other European descent. Another trait of individuals from this area includes fair skin or freckles, so you will likely want to ensure that your choice for redhead makeup does not clash with your skin tone or make your skin tone appear inconsistent. You can easily find suggestions for redhead makeup by checking out the official websites for some of the most well known fashion magazines or beauty resources. These types of resources cater to women of all nationalities and of all skin and hair color types. As such, you can easily find suggestions for redhead makeup, including the best shades of eye shadow, the most flattering lipstick shades, and the types of eye liners that will make your features pop.

    It has been reported that redheads have a lower tolerance when it comes to heat related pain, and that naturally redheaded women report that they bruise more easily than women with other natural hair colors. As such, you may want to check out redhead makeup that can help you to cover up any unsightly bruises while also complementing all of your features throughout each season.
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