Why Engraved Stones Make Perfect Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts

Ever since prehistoric times, petroglyphs, or carvings or engravings made into stone, have served as forms of communication and of art. The world’s oldest rock has been around for about 3.8 billion years, while the earliest rock carving was found in the Americas and included a stick figured shape with a phallus that was disproportionately large for the body’s size, so that tells you just how vital a purpose rocks have served since the dawn of man. Whether using them to commemorate something, to mark territory or to deliver a message, these carvings have always represented an ideal form of communication. Even today, these customized engravings serve as excellent anniversary gifts.

Why do these anniversary gifts serve as excellent gifts? For one, anniversary gifts and anniversary stones provide a personalized touch to a couple’s reaffirmation of their commitment to one another. Spouses can purchase these gifts for one another on their anniversaries to remind each other of their love and of their wedding day, either by having a customized message written onto the stones or by dating their wedding dates and other special moments on these stones. These customized rocks are unique expressions of a couple’s undying love, and they look pretty lovely as well.

Diamonds are great for a while and flowers are beautiful until they wilt, but anniversary gifts like customized stones will last forever. This serves as another purpose for these stones. They have the added benefit of lasting a very long time (and sadly perhaps longer than some real relationships), so they will never fade away or rot away in a corner somewhere. They could easily be added as a nice form of garden art, they could make for a lovely paperweight or an excellent addition to a home’s decor, and they can be placed in a person’s office as a lovely decoration.

Not only do these anniversary gifts make creative uses of these rocks, but they also connect people more to the actual world of geology, where rocks and their formation are discovered and studied. This field offers clues into how Earth was formed and gives us a clearer window into our world, so they have a tendency to make people think more about nature as well. For any nature lover, these rocks make excellent gifts as well. They make these people think about nature and about their loved ones, the people who care so deeply about them to have thought enough to give them a unique and personalized gift.

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