Beads As Protection and Expression

Beaded night light shade

Do you think the beaded night light shade is a new invention? Well, it is not.

Beads are as old as the ages and they have been used on everything from beaded night light shades to the protection of warriors. Warriors would adorn their armor, shields and weaponry with beads and use them as protection from natural and supernatural enemies. In some traditions, heroes were given beads that offered special magical protection during long journeys.

Beads were common currency among various ethnic groups. From the islands, to the orient to the early peoples of the Americas, beads were traded. Ivory, beaver pelts, spices and even slaves were traded for beads of various colors and shapes from various regions.

When gas lighting caught on, beads were put to yet another use. Gasoliers, think gas and chandelier, were produced by the middle 19th century and they too needed adornment. They were the first ceiling fixtures and they replaced the candle chandeliers that had been around since the middle ages. Originally, they were used only by the wealthy.

Beaded night light shades and decorative chandelier shades are now an art form. Decorating bead shade night lights is a unique expression of your personalty. No two beaded night light shades by two different people could be the same. Decorating the light shades with beads affords one the opportunity to express who you are, what you believe and what you want the world to know about you.

Shapes, sizes and finishes of chandeliers today are as varied there are types of people. On some of the most unique however, you will find a beaded night light shade. You might not have a gasolier, but chances are you have a lamp next to your bed or on a table that needs adornment. The only question is, are you willing to express your personality by decorating it?

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