The Top Three Window Shades

Are you thinking about purchasing window shades for your home? You will want to watch this video first on the top three window shade coverings, and the benefits they can offer for your space.

You are probably familiar with the phrases “light-filtering”, “room-darkening”, and “black-out”. These are all terms to describe the different types of window shades.

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Each of these options is beneficial in different ways. Once you determine what type of light you’re looking for, then you can go about choosing the one that best fits your space. The amount of light that comes through the shades will also affect the temperature of your home. For a home theater or baby’s room, you may want to go with the choice that lets in the least amount of light. If you need shades for your kitchen or office, then you may want to choose an option that receives more light. Whether you choose to go with light-filtering or black-out shades, the ambiance of your room will be altered.

If you are looking to add window shades to your home, watch the full video to learn more about the different options you have, and the many benefits those options can offer.


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