Jewelers who give back to charity

Some jewelry, like a bauble or brooch, is a permanent display piece and is a bit more fun to wear. Designer Deborah Klezmer has seen the eyes of fairies over the past few years and her creations have featured the finest jewels we’ve ever seen. She sometimes describes her work as “inspired by stories we carry, from childhood to now, what has happened to us and what we have inherited.” The magical aspect is not a surprise: her grandfather, Rolf Plander, was a well-known glass blower and their home once was surrounded by caves. Prior to developing her jewelry line, Deborah worked in the PR and Communications department of jewelry designer Yves Saint Laurent and eventually went on to be the creative director of J. Victor Jewelry.

In recent years, she has opened Design & Fabrication Studio, a studio in Santa Fe that has been dedicated to the making of wearable gems. Deborah has a diverse background, having studied graphic design in Houston, with a focus on fashion photography, design and print, as well as working in retail sales. Originally from Germany, Deborah has a passion for art and a love of painting. She created an art portfolio after she moved to New York in the early 80’s. It became the basis for the beginning of her jewelry line, called Semi-Straight Gold. From Semi-Straight Gold, Deborah went on to create exquisite pieces of jewelry, some which contained diamonds, and were so complex they sold for a $1,500 minimum.

We live in a time when individuals are encouraged to give back to their community, volunteering in schools and after school programs and being educated about philanthropy. Jeweler Deborah Klezmer, understands that the world is populated by others, that is, people who have the same problems, challenges and cares, are attempting to do something about it, and also share the same needs. Through Jeweler’s Workshop, she offers clients the possibility of partnering her with charities that fit their current and future philanthropic interests. Jeweler’s afternoon services include matching jewelry, grooming and updos, financial education and gift wrapping, all combining to make her experience more tailored to individual needs and comparable to the gyms and spas of NY. And, jewelry she makes to please someone provides comfort and a smile of recognition to both the client and any potential future purchases. Jeweler’s morning and afternoon services incorporate the same pleasure that the evening service provides, but also has the added pleasure that your morning helper knows your style, favorite color and tailor – whether it be to match you or to select for you. Everyone at the Jeweler’s Workshop is empowered to learn jewelry making, as it is practiced in the business of making jewelry that has a purpose. And every client learns under the watchful eye of veteran jewelry designers of over 25 years, who make choices that are borne of experience. There is no greater adventure than working with Jeweler Deborah Klezmer, a craftsman, inspiring maker and motivator. The Jeweler’s Workshop helps equip women with the tools for the future, spending several hours mentoring and inspiring both the client and future jewelry craftswoman.

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