Here are 4 Steps to Take When Making Charitable Donations of Clothing

Americans have been noted for charitable giving for a number of years. There are many charities located throughout the United States, some provide military support and work with veterans, others work with families in need. Whether it’s for military support or another reason, there are a number of ways to make donations to help charities. One such way is to donate clothing to a charity of your choice. If you’re making the decision to make charitable donations of clothing, there are several steps you should take, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Determine Which Clothing Items You’re Donating: The first step to take is to determine which clothing items you will be donating. This can understandably feel overwhelming, particularly if you have a large amount of clothing in your closet. As a guide, follow the rule that states that any clothing item not worn in six months or longer should be given away and donated. This rule will make it easier to determine which clothes you can safely donate.
  • Make Sure the Clothing Items are In Good Shape: Another step to take is to make sure the clothing items you wish to donate are in good shape to be sent to a charitable donation center. This can be done by ensuring that the clothes are clean, freshly washed if need be, and otherwise not stained or torn. It’s alright to send older pieces of clothing, but they need to be in good shape or the charity won’t accept them.
  • Determine Which Charity You’re Sending the Charity Donations to: A third step to take is to determine which charity you’re sending the donations to. As mentioned before, some charities help with military support for veterans, while others help families and children in need with the donations they receive. If you have several charities close by to choose from, choose one that supports a cause you like and donate to them.
  • Work Out How the Clothing Donations Will Be Collected: And finally, a fourth step to take is to work out how the clothing donations will be collected. There are, generally speaking, two ways to do this. One way is to arrange for the charity to pick up your donation at your home, if the service is offered. The other way is to pack up the donations and take them to a designated drop-off location.

In conclusion, there are several steps to take when making charitable donations of clothing. These steps include determining which clothing items you’re donating, making sure they’re in good shape, choosing the charity the donation will be sent to, and working out how the donations will be collected. These are just a few of the steps that need to be taken when making charitable donations of clothing.

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