Why Is Sterling Silver Great for Jewelry

Sterling silver is one of the metals that is underrated considering its versatility, sophistication and durability especially in jewelry making. However, very few know what makes this metal so special despite having sterling silver jewelry. To fully understand what sterling silver is all about, the basic component of the metal is pure silver and some traces of other different metals. Since its discovery, sterling silver was and is still being used as a signifier for wealth and status. This is the reason why people value sterling silver antique jewelry and other items that the precious metal is used to make. Sterling silver is also used to make things such as sterling silver boxes, sterling silver picture frames, silver plated tea sets and silver overlay patterns. You hardly miss items such as sterling silver boxes from antique silver buyers. There is a reason why sterling silver is common especially among people who buy antiques. Below are some of the key reasons why sterling silver is a common material in the manufacture of jewelry and related products.

It is Durable and Light
Compared to other metals, it is worth noting that this metal is incredibly durable-even gold does not compare to it in terms of strength. Apart from its strength, sterling silver is surprisingly lightweight which is why it is an idea choice for most jewelers. The most common types of jewelry that is made from sterling silver are necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. These are common items that almost every person has but few people pay attention to what they are made from. Necklaces that are made from sterling silver do not dent or scratch easily. They are lightweight when worn and so are the earrings. Considering that common jewelry quickly lose their appeal once they scratch or get dented, having items made from sterling silver is a great investment. Apart from items, you can also have collectibles made from sterling silver such as sterling silver boxes. You can use your sterling silver boxes to store your jewelry and when you are low on finances, approach antique silver buyers for a great bargain.

One important characteristic of precious metals is that they should be easily customizable. However, not all metals of this nature have this quality. Sterling silver is a great metal to work with as it gives designers and jewelers more artistic freedom. You are at liberty to experiment with new trends, designs and craft when making products from sterling silver. This is why it is difficult to have products such as sterling silver boxes compared to making a similar product from a different metal. Ideally, there is always something for everyone when it comes to products made from sterling silver. Since it is easily affordable, you can have your dream jewelry made without breaking the bank for it. Many jewelers can customize the piece to fit your design and specifications. In the event that you no longer need your jewelry piece, different jewelry dealers can offer you a great price for it depending on several factors such as current market value and purity of the metal.

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