Four Benefits Of Wearing Tactical Clothing

The tactical and service clothing manufacturing industry does nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue.

It’s not hard to see why. For police officers, firemen, soldiers and other folks in the line of duty, tactical and service clothing gives them better visibility, better protection and more room for storage. Many companies that offer tactical gear offer something for everyone, whether you need EMS tactical gear, durable boots or body armor.

These days, tactical gear can even help you stay cool. If you’re a police officer who’s weighed down with body armor and all your tactical gear, chances are that you get pretty uncomfortable on a hot day. Without any sort of way to cool yourself, your clothes are probably soaking wet by the time you’re done with your shift.

So what can you do for relief? You can pick up the Cool Cop body armor air conditioning unit.

A Cool Cop body armor air conditioning unit gives you the relief you’re looking for. It works by easily attaching to your vehicle’s AC vent and the vinyl attachment allows for a comfortable fit between your undershirt and your armor. With the Cool Cop body armor air conditioning unit, you’ll have cool air shooting under your best and you’ll be able to stay dry, cool and comfortable on the job. The Cool Cop body armor air conditioning unit comes in several different car models and similar products are available for soldiers and for K-9 officers. If you’re looking to outfit a larger group of officers, Cool Cop offers discounts on orders of 12 or more units.

For folks who are working in the field, practical clothing gives them something easily identifiable that they can wear on the job and offers many benefits to the wearer:

  • Protection: Paramedics with medical carrying equipment or police officers decked out their full gear have to deal with different situations every single day. They may have to work in dangerous or unsafe areas and no matter where they work they have to deal with weather as well, whether that’s bitter cold or extreme heat. Tactical clothing can help keep workers comfortable no matter what the weather is or where they are working.
  • Better visibility: In the line of duty, there’s a fine line to walk when it comes to being visible. Police officers especially face the challenge of needing to make their presence known while not drawing a lot of attention. Tactical uniforms and clothing help officers, paramedics and others find a happy middle ground in the middle of those two difficult extremes.
  • Flexibility: Another great thing about high quality tactical gear is that wearers are able to actually move around. If you’re an EMT, a fireman or a police officer in full uniform, you know that you’re wearing a lot of weight and that it’s tough to move. Workers need to be able to move around a little bit. This is especially important if and when a situation turns south in short order. When that happens, wearers need to be able to move quickly to help those in need and tactical clothing makes that possible.
  • More storage: Another benefit of tactical and service clothing is that wearers actually have somewhere to put things. No matter what line of work you’re in, be it policing, firefighting, EMT work or something else, there’s a lot of equipment to carry. The more room wearers have, the easier things are. Tactical clothing gives workers more than enough room to store all the essentials they need. Think about all the equipment a paramedic in the field carries around: medications, IV equipment, bandages, a defibrillator and other items. That’s a lot to keep track of, but tactical equipment can make it much more manageable.

In summary, tactical clothing offers plenty of benefits. It keeps wearers protected, offers the right balance of visibility, it’s comfortable and offers plenty of space to store all the important equipment that wearers need on the job. Contact a tactical and service apparel shop such as Eleven 10 for all your tactical gear needs or an accessories company such as Cool Cop for an even greater level of comfort on the job.

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