Five Ways Promotional Products Can Help Your Business

Picture yourself running errands on a busy Saturday. You get in the car, drive past LED message boards and billboards, you see A-frames outside stores promoting sales and once you get in the store you’re going to, you see thousands of signs and brands and products.

Whether you know it or not, you’re exposed to about 3,000 ads and promotional messages a day. They’re all designed to do one thing: get your attention. Behind a lot of those ads and messages you see is the promotional products industry, which makes thousands of direct to garment printed shirts, hats, pens, stress balls and all manner of items to promote businesses, events and services.

You may not think so, but everywhere you look there’s a promotional product. If your company has pens everyone writes with that have the company name on it, that’s a promotional product; when you get a bag full of swag from a trade show, all of the items are promotional products. Identity Works estimates that 92% of people keep a promotional product because they find it useful. Chances are good you’ve got some stuff too; maybe something in your kitchen or your bedroom that you use every day.

If your company is looking to increase its visibility, promotional products can be just what the doctor ordered. You’ll get customers talking and give your company’s brand a much needed shot in the arm. Here are five ways your company can benefit from promotional products:

  • Customer Loyalty: Promotional products such as pens, direct to garment printed shirts, hats and other items can help foster a lot of customer loyalty. Studies have shown that 85% of customers remembered advertisers who gave them a shirt or a hat. So if embroidered t-shirts and embroidered hats can help you retain customers, get them printed and get them in peoples hands. Getting your logo or brand out there makes it easier for people to see it and remember it. An effective logo can go a long way in increasing the brand awareness of a company. If people can associate your company’s name, logo or brand with success and good service, they’re going to be more likely to want to do repeat business with you.
  • Standing Out: It doesn’t matter what business you’re in these days; relative to your line of work and your customers, you need to find a way to stand out and leave an impression. With promotional products, the sky can be the limit. You can cater certain products to different markets and keep an eye on the newest fads for new ideas of what you can put your company’s name and logo on, whether that’s pencils, direct to garment shirts, patches, kitchen utensils or Frisbees.

  • Cost Effectiveness: Distribution of promotional products is a very cost-effective to get the word out about your company, especially when compared to other forms of advertising. With promotional products, it’s easy for word to spread about your business from customers. If you get promotional products into the right hands, it can be a godsend. People tend to hang on to promotional products and if they do, they can pass them off later and then tell someone about your company.
  • Recognition: There’s a reason why everyone flocks to well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds and Walmart. They stand out, they have strong reputations and they know how to get customers talking. Your company can be the same way, getting people talking about your products and what you can offer clients.
    People use promotional products like pens and direct to garment printed shirts every day and the right promotional products will leave a favorable impression of your company, increasing loyalty and your chances of doing repeat business.

  • Better sales potential: A strong commitment to promotional products can lead to better sales potential for your company. They can generate new leads for sales and can also be used an incentive for any existing companies who may have referred new customers to your business. If you’re making a sales pitch, promotional products like a screen printed tee shirt can be an effective prop.


Whether you’re using direct to garment printed shirts
, mugs, custom printed banners or Frisbees, promotional products can do a lot to make your business and make people remember your company.

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