These are 3 Uses for Printed Canvas Tote Bags

If you run a screen printing business, you have the ability to work on and sell a wide variety of products. One product you should consider selling if you don’t already are printed canvas tote bags. Canvas tote bags come in a variety of colors, including white canvas tote bags and black canvas tote bags, and can be printed with any number of designs. If you’ve not sold printed canvas tote bags before, here are three uses for these canvas tote bags that you should consider if you’re looking at adding them to your business.

  • A Popular Choice for Reusable Shopping Bags: One use for printed canvas tote bags is that they are a popular choice for reusable shopping bags. One reusable shopping bag has a lifespan equal to over 700 plastic shopping bags, which makes them extremely beneficial for the environment. Many shoppers bring their own reusable shopping bags with them, but stores are beginning to offer their own reusable shopping bags to sell as well. With printed canvas tote bags, you could create reusable shopping bags printed with the label of the grocery store, which would give the store additional advertisement.
  • They Make Perfect Gift Bags: Another use for printed canvas tote bags is they can be used to create gift tote bags. Canvas tote bags can be printed with holiday or birthday-inspired designs, or special messages like “Just For You” and be used to wrap a gift or series of gifts. Almost a quarter of the United States population wait until the last minute to purchase gifts, which can lead to many turning to gift bags to dress up a present, to hide the fact that it’s a last minute purchase. Printed canvas tote bags can also be sold as gift bags at any time of the year.
  • Can Be Used for Custom Wedding Favors: A third use for printed canvas tote bags is they can be used for custom wedding favors. In the age of social media, every bride and groom is looking to make their wedding unique and memorable for both themselves and their guests. By using printed canvas tote bags that are personalized for the occasion, couples can give their guests unique wedding favors in a tote bag that will forever memorialize the event. As the average number of wedding guests is 136, that’s at least 100 bags per wedding that could be sold for wedding favors.

In conclusion, there are several uses for printed canvas tote bags that would make them an ideal item to sell as part of your business. These include being used for reusable shopping bags, gift bags for any holiday or special occasion, or as the basis of wedding favors. These are all great uses for printed canvas tote bags and they would certainly be a great addition to any gift shop or screen printing business since they can be designed for so many unique events.

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