Easy Ways to Get Organized and Stay Organized With Kids

Nowadays, organizational images, videos, and advertisements for organizational self help books are absolutely flooding the internet and social media. They suggest things like clear storage bins, closet hangers,a different rack for ties and an entirely separate rack for belts. However, what is often ignored is the feasibility of these complex organizational systems. If your color coded acrylic hangers and perfectly filed t-shirts require the Dewey Decimal System to encode, your eight year old is unlikely to ever even bother putting his clothes away.

Here are some simple ways to keep your kids clothes organized, without making you want to pull your hair out in the process.

Kid Sized Premium Velvet Hangers

Kid sized premium velvet hangers are a great way to teach your children excellent organizational skills, while actually ensuring that their clothing, once organized, will actually stay organized. Kid sized premium hangers are great because their small size allows for easy storage, and they are super lightweight which means any little helper can put away clothing with ease. Additionally, kid sized premium velvet hangers are made to hold smaller sized clothing, so no more awkwardly fitting kid sized dresses and jackets on not-so-kid-sized hangers. The velvety texture also ensures that once your kids have organized their clothing, the clothing won’t slip and fall to the floor after being hung! Overall kid sized premium velvet hangers are an excellent choice to help you and your kids enjoy the organizational process.

Decorative Storage Bins

Decorative storage bins are a fun and easy way to get your kids involved in the organizational process. Purchase a bunch of colorful stickers, patterned stationary paper, and clear organizational bins and go to town! The more you get your kids involved in the creative process, the more likely they will be to actually use the bins to put their toys away. For an extra step, label the bins by type (books, toys, dolls, kid sized premium velvet hangers, etc.) and have your kids race to put their objects into the right bin as fast as they can. This is a sure fire way to ensure that your kids put their toys away and accidentally have fun in the process!

Getting organized can seem like an overwhelming and painful process. But with simple tools like kid sized premium velvet hangers or self-decorated storage bins, you get organized and stay organized in a flash.

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