How Tablecloths Can Put Your Event Over the Top

When it comes to events and event planning, it’s important to make sure that everything looks perfect. This goes for the themes, colors, and placement of certain elements to bring everything together. This includes even the seemingly smaller things, such as tablecloths. It may not seem like a huge deal when considering all of the other moving parts that go into planning an event, but they truly can make the event more special. Here’s how you can use them more effectively.

Fitted tablecloth covers are an easy way to make your event look more sleek and professional. They can also come in a variety of different colors, so you can be sure to match the colors your event needs most. For example, a catering event for a company can always use plain white tablecloths. But if you know the color of the client’s logo or brand, you can easily switch to one of those colors to make the event that much more special.

When it comes to outside summer parties, fitted tablecloth covers are a must. This is because they keep any possible spills from staining the table they’re covering. While you definitely don’t want spills if you can avoid them, when you put food outside in the heat, it’s bound to happen eventually. Especially if it’s a sweet summer treat such as watermelon or ice cream, something that can be prone to melting. And that way if something does get spilled, it offers easy cleanup.

Fitted tablecloth covers are a great touch to events where you have a theme or specific colors being used in other parts. For example, weddings. Every year, there are almost two and a half million weddings in the United States. And these events usually have specific colors or themes to go along with them. One of the current trends is a rustic wedding, or a wedding more related to the outdoors or the countryside. The decorations for these weddings also take on a rustic feel, with a focus on wood and hand-crafted decorations like mason jar lights. It may be hard to make tablecloths work with this kind of theme, but you can easily use burlap fabric to match that theme. Burlap napkins and burlap ribbons are already used, so burlap tablecloths are hardly a stretch. And because of their softer color, they won’t distract from the other decorations.

It’s easy to prefer plain tablecloths for events, but it’s worth your time to consider matching them to the event you’re planning. It can make cleanup easier, create a sense of camaraderie, or just add that extra touch you’ve been needing. And that’s how you can make the most of a tablecloth to make your event one to remember.

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