Month: June 2018

Tuxedo rental for prom

Looking Your Best for Your Senior Prom Is an Important Priority

This is it. The senior year of your youngest son. Although it is still summer, all of the trappings of being in the last year of high school are starting. You have scheduled senior pictures. You have visited college campuses. You have watched him work diligently to complete his online college applications. And while he […]

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Donate clothing
Houseware donations
Military families

Three Things to Do With Your Old Clothes

If you have extra clothing that you don’t need or that is no longer useful to you, you may be wondering about donating clothing to charity. There are plenty of organizations that accept clothing donations, and here are some things your clothing donations could be doing. Organizations that help military families Our nation’s military families […]

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Supreme accessories tokyo
Supreme footwear

Staying Cool This Summer with Supreme

By 1991, James Jebbia had launched both Union NYC and Stussy NYC. It was during this time that Jebbia wanted to create a new brand known as Supreme. In 1994, the first Supreme store cost Jebbia only $12,000 to launch. By 2017, Vogue had declared that the Supreme clothing brand had reached legendary global status. […]

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Prescription sunglasses for men
Wraparound polarized safety sunglasses

Why You Should Convert to Polarized Sunglasses Today

Summertime brings along hot months and plenty of sunshine. Sometimes this seems difficult to cope with during the heat of the day. Imagine being outside and trying to drive or walk in bright direct sunlight. You know sunglasses are the answer, but you’re not sure which ones you should get. Are prescription sunglasses best, or […]

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Outdoor survival gear
Portable solar generators
Solar generator

Who Needs a Survival Kit?

Most people are aware of the basic human needs for survival: food, water, shelter, and warmth. Most of us have rarely been in an emergency situation where life is reduced t bare survival, but the possibility is not remote from anyone’s life. A camping holiday gone wrong, one wrong turn on a remote wilderness road, […]

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Charitable clothing donations
Military charities
Veterans donations

Are You Willing to Turn Your Extras Into Something That Can Help Others?

Who knew that the decision to donate clothing would have been the motivation that your college aged daughter would need to finally clear out the closets and the drawers in the dorm room. The fact that she has not come home from school in since the summer after her freshman year means that she has […]

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