5 Great Ways for Men to Stay Stylish in Their 20s

While you might think women spend a lot more than men on clothing, this isn’t entirely true. In fact, statistics from 2017 found that women’s and girls’ clothing amassed $117 billion in revenue. Men’s and boy’s apparel earned $87 billion in yearly revenue, not too far behind the females. With that in mind, here are five ways for men to stay stylish in their 20s.

  1. Stay Aware of Current Trends

    If you’re beginning to take fashion seriously, it’s understandable to feel slightly overwhelmed. In order to solve this problem, check into current fashion trends. You don’t have to fall in love with every trend you find. However, look for a few articles of designer fashion clothing that you like the most and build your wardrobe from there. Think of current fashion trends as guidelines to follow, not strict rules.
  2. But Don’t be Afraid to Deviate from the Norm

    Spending all of your time trying to find the next trend is wasteful. Instead, know which trends you like and base your style around that. It’s hard to find creative exploration in the way you dress while always following trends. Breaking away from tradition allows you to create your own fashion identity.
  3. Dressing for Your Body Type is a Myth

    If you’re learning about fashion tips, you might read about dressing for your body type. While these tips are great for those with confidence issues, don’t limit yourself with this archaic rule. A large part of modern fashion is about being confident in what you wear. If you’re confident enough to wear a tighter fitting shirt, go for it. The perfect wardrobe is the one you feel most comfortable wearing.
  4. Give Yourself Plenty of Options

    Unfortunately, certain men think that purchasing new sneakers, jeans, and a couple of shirts is a full wardrobe. Statistics show that the average woman currently owns an outfit for each day of the month. With that in mind, it’s okay for men to have this same amount of wardrobe choices. Invest in yourself by purchasing a wide range of luxury clothes. Whether you’re wanting to impress others at work or that special date, it’s important to have a wide range of wardrobe choices.
  5. Always Accessorize

    You might think that accessories are only for women. This isn’t true, there are many types of fashion accessories for men. Considering that, it’s important for men to know the value of a few good accessories. For instance, designer sunglasses often make the perfect addition to a man’s outfit. Another great accessory idea is to pair certain watches with your designer fashion clothing. The watch is an iconic piece in any fashionable male’s wardrobe that never goes out of style.

In closing, there are many ways to remain fashionable in your 20s. A major part of accomplishing this goal is updating your wardrobe. One study from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average family spends an estimated $1,700 annually on clothes. It’s important to think of purchasing designer fashion clothing as an investment in yourself.

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